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Davidoff Short Perfecto Reviews [view details]

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"My favorite...so far."
It doesn't take much to draw on this beauty to bring up a full plume delicious flavors and aromas. This is a classic smoke, the kind where you wish every draw you take lightly crawls up your face and tickles your nostrils with the perfect balance of flavors. The shape is "perfecto": so little flame to light it, the other end a cone that lets you rest the little stogey on your lips with such little effort. Your practically puffing and kissing the end at the same time. Bliss!
Don M in Brooklyn, NY September 26, 2013
"A Great Smoke, but You're Paying for the Name."
I really do enjoy this cigar. The only problem I've ever had is that they tend to be a little too bitter at the beginning (leaves after 5-10 minutes.) The zeppelin shaped perfecto is my favorite of all cigars. I adore the Aurora Sapphire Pref., Zino Scepter Chubby, and this Davidoff. They are all good cigars, but in every case I believe you are paying for the name; the idea of luxury, the elite status of the stick/name, and the feeling you get when you burn a $20 stick that is also a great taster. Alas, there are smokes that are every bit as tasty, burn every bit as clean, are rolled just as perfectly, and hold their ash just as long that are 1/4 the cost per stick. But, there will always be companies that sell the idea of luxury, the feeling of being rich, and I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of these high end cigar brand's main buyers are blue collar Joe's. They are good, that's true, but I only buy em' when I've some extra money to burn, and what a way to burn it! ~Joshua~
Joshua L in Columbus, OH January 3, 2012
"Affordable Introduction to Davidoff"
If I could afford them, I would only buy Davidoff. Never disappointed with this brand. If you like a classic creamy Dominican smoke, there really is no other brand. I used to love Private Stock (Davidoff/Avo seconds) but sadly have been very disappointed with the consistency and quality of the last boxes that I purchased. If you would like an introduction to the Davidoff line, these Perfectos provide an accurate sample. But believe me, it just gets better from here.
Sgt7625 in New York March 18, 2010
"Somewhat disappointing"
These used to be my go-to quick smoke but the last few boxes I have purchased were slightly too green tasting. Perhaps my palate has changed since I first started smoking these. Flawless construction and burn as one would expect from Davidoff and the draw is always just right. The flavor is entirely personal so give these a try.
D. in MD August 21, 2009
"Still WOW!!!"
I reviewed this cigar here 2 years ago after smoking my first. I just came in from enjoying another and 2 years later I still think this cigar is one of the very best. Highly recommend!
Joel in Stephenville January 1, 2009
Very nice smoke. beautiful burn, perfect draw, and excelent flavors. Full flavored with a little spice in the begining then the flavor begins to blossom towards the middle just like a perfecto is supposed to. i would give this cigar a solid 9. one of the best ive had
Rigil Christensen in Wisconsin December 16, 2007
I've been wanting to try a Davidoff cigar but they are so expensive. I enjoy perfectos and found a 4 pack of these that wasn't too expensive from Famous so I ordered it. I let them sit for 2 days in my humidor after they arrived and smoked one. From the first draw I was hooked. So rich and creamy. Not a strong cigar like I usually smoke but so much flavor I didn't care. Perfect construction, burned razor straight and I almost burnt my fingers before finally putting it down. I've since smoked another and am going to try to leave the last 2 in the humidor for a few months and see if they get any better (which I'd find hard to believe).
Joel in Fort Worth January 31, 2007
"Another Hit by Davidoff"
This one starts off easy to lightup because, of its unique construction, the draw is a little hard at first, but becomes easy and the flavor starts to burts through, this one has become my favorite of the Special Line.
Tlee Chism in Youngstown Ohio December 3, 2006
"Nice smoke but a bit pricey."
This is a good once in a while cigar if you don't mind the price. Good full flavor without being over powering and strong.
Brent in Louisiana August 4, 2005
"Possibly the best Cigar I have ever smoked."
This is possibly the best cigar that I have ever smoked. It has excellent taste and construction. It is smooth drawing and even burning. This cigar is superbly made out of fine tobacco.
Jim in Sasser, GA April 18, 2004
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10 Construction (95) 100
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