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Davidoff Special Series Reviews

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Davidoff Short Perfecto
"Somewhat disappointing"
These used to be my go-to quick smoke but the last few boxes I have purchased were slightly too green tasting. Perhaps my palate has changed since I first started smoking these. Flawless construction and burn as one would expect from Davidoff and the draw is always just right. The flavor is entirely personal so give these a try.
D. in MD August 21, 2009
Davidoff Entreacto
"Excellent smooth experience!"
Only had about 45 minutes for a smoke after dinner at a cuban restaurant. The size was perfect, beautiful burn, consistent nutty flavor with hints of chocolate. A must try!
Alan W.G. in Dover, DELAWARE May 5, 2009
Davidoff Short Perfecto
"Still WOW!!!"
I reviewed this cigar here 2 years ago after smoking my first. I just came in from enjoying another and 2 years later I still think this cigar is one of the very best. Highly recommend!
Joel in Stephenville January 1, 2009
Davidoff Special 'R'
"Had a lot of cigars, this one caught my attention."
Best cigar to date. Full, almost creamy smoke. Very nice. Will be ordering more. Tried with the 5 Robusto Sampler.
Brian in DISCOVERY BAY July 27, 2008
Davidoff Special 'R'
"THE best cigar I have ever smoked. Ever."
Elegant & flawless. With the "Special R", Davidoff shows us what the "Good Life" is all about!
Bill in Port Orchard July 5, 2008
Davidoff Entreacto
"Excellent. This was a wonderful smoke."
I thought this was the best cigar I have ever smoked. This is the cigar I want to smoke on a daily basis. The smoke smell lingered for a day in our home, invoking my family to comment on how great it was to their noses.
Clyde in Alaska February 14, 2008
Davidoff Short Perfecto
Very nice smoke. beautiful burn, perfect draw, and excelent flavors. Full flavored with a little spice in the begining then the flavor begins to blossom towards the middle just like a perfecto is supposed to. i would give this cigar a solid 9. one of the best ive had
Rigil Christensen in Wisconsin December 16, 2007
Davidoff Special 'R'
"Not Worth The $$"
As with all Davidoff's the quality was right on, had a nice aroma, even burn and very nice draw, BUT, having smoked several sticks the flavor is what you shell out the $$ for and it was definitely NOT on! Dry,woody and flat. Thousand series to me is much better.
NA Johnson in NY September 24, 2007
Davidoff Short Perfecto
I've been wanting to try a Davidoff cigar but they are so expensive. I enjoy perfectos and found a 4 pack of these that wasn't too expensive from Famous so I ordered it. I let them sit for 2 days in my humidor after they arrived and smoked one. From the first draw I was hooked. So rich and creamy. Not a strong cigar like I usually smoke but so much flavor I didn't care. Perfect construction, burned razor straight and I almost burnt my fingers before finally putting it down. I've since smoked another and am going to try to leave the last 2 in the humidor for a few months and see if they get any better (which I'd find hard to believe).
Joel in Fort Worth January 31, 2007
Davidoff Short Perfecto
"Another Hit by Davidoff"
This one starts off easy to lightup because, of its unique construction, the draw is a little hard at first, but becomes easy and the flavor starts to burts through, this one has become my favorite of the Special Line.
Tlee Chism in Youngstown Ohio December 3, 2006
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