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Davidoff Special Series Reviews

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Davidoff Short Perfecto
I've been wanting to try a Davidoff cigar but they are so expensive. I enjoy perfectos and found a 4 pack of these that wasn't too expensive from Famous so I ordered it. I let them sit for 2 days in my humidor after they arrived and smoked one. From the first draw I was hooked. So rich and creamy. Not a strong cigar like I usually smoke but so much flavor I didn't care. Perfect construction, burned razor straight and I almost burnt my fingers before finally putting it down. I've since smoked another and am going to try to leave the last 2 in the humidor for a few months and see if they get any better (which I'd find hard to believe).
Joel in Fort Worth January 31, 2007
Davidoff Short Perfecto
"Another Hit by Davidoff"
This one starts off easy to lightup because, of its unique construction, the draw is a little hard at first, but becomes easy and the flavor starts to burts through, this one has become my favorite of the Special Line.
Tlee Chism in Youngstown Ohio December 3, 2006
Davidoff Special 'R' Tubos
"Is It Cuban ?"
I've smoked alot of cigars,but this one has to be the BEST.Smooth and creamy taste, good construction ,stays smooth to the very end.Cohiba,Fuente Opus X,Partgas,Romeo y Juliet, no competition for Davioff!
Tlee Chism in Ohio September 17, 2006
Davidoff Short Perfecto
"Nice smoke but a bit pricey."
This is a good once in a while cigar if you don't mind the price. Good full flavor without being over powering and strong.
Brent in Louisiana August 4, 2005
Davidoff Double 'R'
"Taste orgasm"
First the draw was uneven, each puff escalted into one of the most perfect smokes I have ever had. Great aroma, with a collection of tastes that produced an orgasm Lois Lane can never give me!
Clark Kent in Smallville July 9, 2005
Davidoff Short Perfecto
"Possibly the best Cigar I have ever smoked."
This is possibly the best cigar that I have ever smoked. It has excellent taste and construction. It is smooth drawing and even burning. This cigar is superbly made out of fine tobacco.
Jim in Sasser, GA April 18, 2004
Davidoff Special 'R'
"Strong-Harsh-Dry Smoked like a cheap Mexican cigar"
Very glad I tried the sampler so I wouldn't have to work my way through a box of these overhyped cigars.
Charles Blum in CA February 5, 2004
Amilcar Perez Castro
La Floridita Fuerte