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Davidoff Thousand Series Reviews

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Davidoff #1000
"The one and only"
I am mild cigar smoker. After 1000s there is no better cigar for me. After dinner with some nice XO and dark chocolate-its a haven. This cigar looks beautiful, smells fantastic, when you light it tastes delicious, always burns equally, the draw is smooth and its consistently delivers same quality. I have tried many different brands looking for something better but always was disappointed because in mild cigars Davidoff 1000 is the best of all times!! I give it A+ from top to bottom.
Michael K in New York City February 12, 2014
Davidoff 6000 Robusto
"Damn Good Cigar"
Only negative I experienced was the burn. The burn was uneven but evened out after a while during the smoke. Taste was smooth and silky. Not too strong but also not weak at all. A very good mild cigar from Davidoff. A must purchase and try cigar!
Anthony in California July 13, 2013
Davidoff #1000
"One of the Nicer Moments in Life!"
The Davidoff 1000, part of the "thousands" series is a well balanced, smooth smoke. I enjoyed one just yesterday and I must say I was surprised at how good this smoke is. Details: Burn: Even,no unevenness Consistency: Very good, tastes the same throughout Draw: Very good, not too fast, not hard to draw. Appearance: Well made and not uneven in appearance Taste: Very mild. Some may think this is tasteless, but it is a very mild cigar Construction: well made and appearance is consistent. Overall: I would give this a 9 out of 10
J in Orange, California April 23, 2013
Davidoff 6000 Robusto
Everything about this cigar was perfect. This is a must try for the mild cigar smoker. I smoked a Griffins after the Davidoff and I was disappointed in the Griffins and they are excellent cigars. I have now smoked the best out there. Charlie, NJ
J in Orange, California April 23, 2013 September 24, 2012
Davidoff #2000
This is a great system, and takes care of my 300 count humidor. In addition, I added two fans to circulate the air. Since there are no instrucitons that came with mine, I found myself having a difficult time taking the top off of the bottom where you pour the water. In case you run into this problem, don't pull up! The top slides off of the bottem, and is very easy to do. Just wish something had told me how to separate the two. I also don't feel the built in gage is accurate, so I keep to hygrometers in my humidor.
Dr. William in USA June 21, 2012
Davidoff 6000 Robusto
"As close to Nirvana as I could find"
It should be near perfect at this price and fortunately it is! A bit on the mild side, almost buttery with a sweet finish. Exceptional in every way.
KK in Greenwich, CT March 9, 2012
Davidoff #2000 Tubos
"My favorite"
This cigar is by far my favorite. If your looking for a mild cigar, this is a great one.
Lance in Hawaii October 13, 2011
Davidoff 6000 Robusto
"A truly memorable smoke!"
Complex, strong, and balanced. Medium to full-bodied cigar. The complexities of this cigar are supremely subtle yet make for a memorable experience. Cedar, white pepper, peat, earth and a light sweet character in the finish overwhelms your senses. One of Davidoff's better offerings.
Paul Rae in Johannesburg, South Africa April 2, 2011
Davidoff #2000
This was a recommendation for me to try by a friend. It's great and I loved it. It has a slightly sweet taste with the hint of chocolate. Draws and burns nicely. The flavor and aroma is addicting, I will stand to that. I plan to purchase some more of these to keep in my humidor. For being a newbie to the cigar world I have tried a few and I haven't ran across one yet that I wasn't pleased with. Think I'll have to invest in a bigger humidor and a few small to medium size, just to stock up my newly found hobby.
Arad1973 in Katy, Tx March 26, 2011
Davidoff #1000
"too leggero"
I have recently tried to switch from the Grand Cru to the thousands brand. There is no comparison. The smoke was too light with no real flavor. Quite a disappointment from Davidoff the premier cigar maker in the world. No matter how much one spends for a premium cigar there must always be the essentials in place. draw: horrible Construction: sub par Flavor:? If you are interested in saving money as I was this is not the choice. The Grand Cru blows it away and for a few dollars more it is worth it especially if you wait all day to have that one cigar at the end of your day. Shame on Davidoff! you can do better.
giuseppe Ciccoella in babylon ny November 21, 2010
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