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Davidoff Thousand Series Reviews

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Davidoff #2000
"Excellent cigar"
No matter what I try I always come back to Davidoff #2000
Dmitriy in Brooklyn NY July 7, 2010
Davidoff #2000
"the one that started it"
this cigar started my cigar adiction. good burn awsome taste
larry in north carolina January 26, 2009
Davidoff #2000
"Great cigar... Tad expensive"
I'm new to the Davidoff experience. My first was a 2000 petite corona. I was impressed with it, but it didn't floor me like I thought it might. I was given a few Davidoffs from my girlfriend, and after finding out what she spent on them... I'll be saving them for special occasions only. I am excited to try the other 2 I have in my humidor, those being a No. 2 and a Special R.. I do recommend this cigar, but do some shopping first, there are better for less.
Ryan in NH November 28, 2008
Davidoff #2000 Tubos
"Not nearly as good as Davidoff Classics"
Don't get me wrong Davidoff is a great company and olot goes into the making of these, but I was really dissapointed in this one compared to the classic series which are my forvorit mild cigars. This one was kind of bitter and I tried all 4.
Mark in Eagan August 6, 2008
Davidoff #3000
"awesome cigar, my favorite davidoff."
great burn, great taste What I think of as a safe cigar, one that I know how it will taste and burn all the time. In all my years as a cigar smoker I have never had a bad Davidoff. Meaing Poorly rolled and Bad Flavor. Always a great smoke
santana in atherton, ca November 2, 2005
Davidoff #2000
"Expensive doesn't mean great"
OK, so I have smoked cigars for about six or seven years now. I have always wanted to try the Davidoff and eventually picked the #2000 up for $12.00. Overpriced. I put it in my humidor for about four months just to make sure it was fresh when I smoked it. Well, I wasn't impressed. The burn was good, the draw was bad, the taste was chocolatey but nothing special. I have smoked cigars for the first time before and went out the next day and bought a box because I was so impressed. I wouldn't even think of doing so with a Davidoff. This cigar was nothing special at all. Save your money for something better.
Bill in Connecticut August 29, 2004
Davidoff #2000
This is one great cigar. Normally I don't care very much for Davidoff as they are consistently overpriced. However the exception is the #2000. Taste, draw, burn, and construction are wonderful. This is a cigar you will truly enjoy.
EDJ in US October 26, 2003
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