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De Nobili Reviews

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De Nobili Economy (5)
"A Mans Smoke"
I enjoy these at times. They aren't for those looking for a mild smoke. The men in my family, back in the day, smoked these and my Ma hated them, lol... they are strong in flavor and aroma. They are very satisfying and are best if smoked in a relaxed manner. I like the size of the Economy. By the time it gets near the end ... I'm good to go.
John S in Fannin County Georgia August 23, 2014
De Nobili Toscani
"Love em"
Love Denobili! My grandfather smoked 'em way back when. The biggest problem with the Toscani is that many of them draw hard.
John S in Fannin County Georgia August 23, 2014 June 2, 2013
De Nobili Economy (5)
"Best of small cigars"
When I smoke the first of this cigars I knew was the first of a lot more
Jaime in El Paso Tx May 8, 2013
De Nobili Toscani Longs 5 Pack
Taste is awful. Packed so tight that I could hardly get any draw. I tried samples from different boxes and ended up throwing them all out. Waste of good money. Oh, they stink too.
Ed in NE May 7, 2013
De Nobili Popular 5 Pack
"Great Little woody smoke"
I have tried the Avanti cigars and loved the Anisette flavor when i found out there was more offered in this type by the same company I jumped on and got these I like the woody flavor I get off these and the nose note is great lots off smoke.. See where the filler is the same in all so to save money I think I will go for the De Nobili Toscani Long and cut them in half with my cigar cutter.. This is fast becoming my new day in day out cigar
Dane in Wichita KS March 2, 2012
De Nobili Toscani
"The Clint Eastwood Finest"
How can you not appreciate this smoke. Excellent flavor! And burns great. Been a fan since 1982. And so good, they are used in the spaghetti westerns. Thank You Avanti!
Raimondo in Chicago November 26, 2011
De Nobili Economy (5)
"Brings Back Memories"
A good short smoke that goes well with garage projects. More importgant, it brings back memories of my Italian neighborhood.
Jerry R in Scottsdale, AZ September 16, 2011
De Nobili Economy (5)
Fantastic! Reminds me of growing up in Italian barber shops, only thing missing is the aroma mixed in with Luck Tiger & 4 Roses hair tonic....Great smoke and great memories.
Jamie in Fargo ND July 29, 2011
De Nobili Toscani Longs 5 Pack
"Best 35 min. 40 cent cigar!"
Project: find best tasting least expensive short smoke. Facts: Avanti Cigar Co. makes DeNobili, Parodi, Petri, Kentucky Cheroots. All the above are exact same filler. Only length differs. Results: Buy DeNobili Longs (tapered on both ends), length 6.5" cut in half to get the exact size as Parodi Ammezzati or DeNobili Popular 3.25" but less expensive. I cut with a double guillotine an it worked perfect. OR, "select a size" the longs. 3.25" last me about 35 mins. If I want longer time, I cut longer, now they are the same as DeNobili Economy or Parodi Kings. Your are doing exactly what the factory does.
Idaho Outdoorsman in Southern Idaho March 26, 2011
De Nobili Economy (5)
"cracked and dry"
when my shipment finally arrived the cigars are dry , at least 2 to 3 in each box were broken all in all. GOOD CIGAR BAD STORING AND HANDLING
jon c in minnesota February 17, 2011
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