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De Nobili Reviews

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De Nobili Economy (5)
"A superb smoke that goes with my Italian heritage"
Having grown up in a rural (farming) area some 60 years ago, I still recall how all the Italian old timers smoked De Nobili cigars, (a.k.a. "Italian stogies")They would gather at a local "Norman Rockwell" type country store (complete with a wood burning stove)in the evenings to play cards, or just shoot the breeze. In addition to enjoying the great smoke that De Nobili's offer me, each puff contains a bit of nostalgia that reminds me of my Italian heritaqe.
HD in Scottsdale, AZ September 13, 2010
De Nobili Popular 5 Pack
"A diamond in the rough."
A good little cigar. A hint of swetness on the tongue. The draw is good and they're not hot. The hickory comes thru but it's not overpowering. Great price and, for a short smoke with a cup of coffee, you've got a great friend. Let them rest in the humidor for a week before you light one up and you'll be surprised how good the taste and aroma are.
Doug in RI August 23, 2010
De Nobili Popular 5 Pack
"great flavor!"
The dry cured and they taste good, to me anyway. Strong little cigar. You can really taste the hickory smoke that is used to help flavor the tobacco. They look and feel like a little dry piece of stick, but they burn well and they have a deep smokey flavor. Not much money and it will be worth it.
Andrew in Johnston, IA July 26, 2010
De Nobili Economy (5)
"Smooth and tasty!"
Sure, these aren't going to win any prize for beauty, but if you want a smooth smoke with a hearty taste reminiscent of hickory seasoning and sweet tobacco, this is a keeper. All of the Non-flavored dry cigars from the Avanti Cigar company are going to taste similar (Parodi, Denobili, Petri, Kentucky Cheroots, etc.), so the shape and length are going to dictate which you like best. But if you've never tasted a fire cured cigar before, you should give them a try. And a cigar that needs no humidor has a definite advantage when you're on the go!
Rick C. in Missouri April 4, 2010
De Nobili Popular 5 Pack
"GREAT Quick Smoke!"
As small inexpensive cigars go these are the best. Made In the USA!
Ray in Colorado January 27, 2010
De Nobili Toscani Longs 5 Pack
"Unique smoke with real tobacco flavor.."
These old fashioned "fire-cured" cigars are the same cigars ---in the shorter "economy" version---that Clint Eastwood made famous in his "Spagetti Westerns"....they are different then anything most cigar smokers have experienced. Yeah, they are downright ugly. But they are a robust smoke with real tobacco flavor that I consider the ultimate masculine smoke. I find that I enjoy them as much as the more expensive conventional cigars, and there are especially wonderful with my morning coffee. Why buy those expensive imported premium brands when you can get a flavorable, moderately priced All-American made smoke made with sweet Kentucky and Tennessee tobaccos! My favorite "everyday" cigar that stacks up against the more conventional premiums when it comes to flavor and a real tobacco buzz!
David in DC December 17, 2009
De Nobili Economy (5)
growing up in an italian household, and neighborhood, it amased me that not only did the men have their big 60 ring by 9 in stoggies around, but in every household was a box of Di Nobilis. these were the working mans choice, but they were probably loved, not only for their flavor, but the italian colors on the box. ! people put these smokes down alot, but what they have to do is seperate, these from the maduro, ligero, whatever south american country their other smokes come from. These babies are a part of Americana, and must be enjoyed as such. they wont taste like a Padron, or a La Gloria, or a A. fuente. They are going to taste like a De Nobili !! I LOVE THEM FOR THE TASTE, AND THE MEMORIES THEY BRING BACK !!!!! AND OF COURSE THE GREEN WHITE AND RED BOX !!!!
aj in trenton July 26, 2009
De Nobili Economy (5)
Gotta be the WORST cigar I've ever smoked, bar none. Ugly as sin and the taste is horrid, not to mention the smell. When I lit up one of these things, my wife about threw me out of the house. Guess I shouldn't have expected much given the price.....won't be buyin' these again any time soon.
Ben Q in The Dalles, OR January 29, 2009
De Nobili Economy (5)
"very good but better with an esspreso"
Very good but better with a triple essprresso
john in carlsbad ca October 26, 2008
De Nobili Economy (5)
"The "Toscano" style Clint Eastwood made famous"
These fire-cured" cigars (Denobili) are the original "European-style" cigars that your Italian Grandpa used to smoke. These are similar to the "toscano" style smokes Clint Eastwood made famous in his Spagetti Westerns. I think they are the ultimate masculine smoke, perfect on a crisp fall or winter day. They DO go great with your morning coffee. I was surprised how much I enjoy them as rough and ugly as they are. They give a robust, spicy smoke, with a touch of woodsy campfire taste that is really unique. I find I can smoke them all day, with a pleasant buzz that doesn't knock you on your butt. Why buy those overpriced European or Latin imports, when you can enjoy an All-American made product, with sweet Kentucky & Tennessee tobaccos, made by a 100 year old company up in Pennsylvania?"
David in Washington DC September 17, 2007
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