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De Nobili Reviews

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De Nobili Economy (5)
"The "Toscano" style Clint Eastwood made famous"
These fire-cured" cigars (Denobili) are the original "European-style" cigars that your Italian Grandpa used to smoke. These are similar to the "toscano" style smokes Clint Eastwood made famous in his Spagetti Westerns. I think they are the ultimate masculine smoke, perfect on a crisp fall or winter day. They DO go great with your morning coffee. I was surprised how much I enjoy them as rough and ugly as they are. They give a robust, spicy smoke, with a touch of woodsy campfire taste that is really unique. I find I can smoke them all day, with a pleasant buzz that doesn't knock you on your butt. Why buy those overpriced European or Latin imports, when you can enjoy an All-American made product, with sweet Kentucky & Tennessee tobaccos, made by a 100 year old company up in Pennsylvania?"
David in Washington DC September 17, 2007
De Nobili Toscani Longs 5 Pack
"Different, But DELICIOUS"
This cigar is perfect with your morning coffee
Nicholas Cuomo in FL August 25, 2007
De Nobili Economy (5)
"great mild-flavored natural cigar"
I tried De Nobili natural maduro for the first time the last time I ordered, and I found them to be a delightful little smoke. Thanks, please keep them in your inventory.
Michael Guenzel in NM July 17, 2007
De Nobili Economy (5)
"Many cracked Cigars"
I ordered 2boxes of these and found that there is at least 2 to 3 cigars in a pack of 5 are so dry that they are cracked so bad you can't hardley get them to light,I put them in my humidor for a week and tried them and found that they are the same,I love the taste of these cigars but I won't buy anymore 5 packs.
Anthony Porter,Sr. in Mcallen Texas February 9, 2007
De Nobili Toscani
These are horrible. You should advertise they are Dutch! I'm mailing them back!
john israel in Ms. Usa July 17, 2003
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