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"A Mans Smoke"
I enjoy these at times. They aren't for those looking for a mild smoke. The men in my family, back in the day, smoked these and my Ma hated them, lol... they are strong in flavor and aroma. They are very satisfying and are best if smoked in a relaxed manner. I like the size of the Economy. By the time it gets near the end ... I'm good to go.
John S in Fannin County Georgia August 23, 2014
"Brings Back Memories"
A good short smoke that goes well with garage projects. More importgant, it brings back memories of my Italian neighborhood.
Jerry R in Scottsdale, AZ September 16, 2011
"A superb smoke that goes with my Italian heritage"
Having grown up in a rural (farming) area some 60 years ago, I still recall how all the Italian old timers smoked De Nobili cigars, (a.k.a. "Italian stogies")They would gather at a local "Norman Rockwell" type country store (complete with a wood burning stove)in the evenings to play cards, or just shoot the breeze. In addition to enjoying the great smoke that De Nobili's offer me, each puff contains a bit of nostalgia that reminds me of my Italian heritaqe.
HD in Scottsdale, AZ September 13, 2010
Gotta be the WORST cigar I've ever smoked, bar none. Ugly as sin and the taste is horrid, not to mention the smell. When I lit up one of these things, my wife about threw me out of the house. Guess I shouldn't have expected much given the price.....won't be buyin' these again any time soon.
Ben Q in The Dalles, OR January 29, 2009
"very good but better with an esspreso"
Very good but better with a triple essprresso
john in carlsbad ca October 26, 2008
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