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De Nobili Toscani Longs 5 Pack Reviews [view details]

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Taste is awful. Packed so tight that I could hardly get any draw. I tried samples from different boxes and ended up throwing them all out. Waste of good money. Oh, they stink too.
Ed in NE May 7, 2013
"Best 35 min. 40 cent cigar!"
Project: find best tasting least expensive short smoke. Facts: Avanti Cigar Co. makes DeNobili, Parodi, Petri, Kentucky Cheroots. All the above are exact same filler. Only length differs. Results: Buy DeNobili Longs (tapered on both ends), length 6.5" cut in half to get the exact size as Parodi Ammezzati or DeNobili Popular 3.25" but less expensive. I cut with a double guillotine an it worked perfect. OR, "select a size" the longs. 3.25" last me about 35 mins. If I want longer time, I cut longer, now they are the same as DeNobili Economy or Parodi Kings. Your are doing exactly what the factory does.
Idaho Outdoorsman in Southern Idaho March 26, 2011
This smoke really struck me in the senses. Great taste, smell, interesting visual, great feel but I can't hear it say enjoy.
Larry in Tampa October 21, 2010
"Unique smoke with real tobacco flavor.."
These old fashioned "fire-cured" cigars are the same cigars ---in the shorter "economy" version---that Clint Eastwood made famous in his "Spagetti Westerns"....they are different then anything most cigar smokers have experienced. Yeah, they are downright ugly. But they are a robust smoke with real tobacco flavor that I consider the ultimate masculine smoke. I find that I enjoy them as much as the more expensive conventional cigars, and there are especially wonderful with my morning coffee. Why buy those expensive imported premium brands when you can get a flavorable, moderately priced All-American made smoke made with sweet Kentucky and Tennessee tobaccos! My favorite "everyday" cigar that stacks up against the more conventional premiums when it comes to flavor and a real tobacco buzz!
David in DC December 17, 2009
"Different, But DELICIOUS"
This cigar is perfect with your morning coffee
Nicholas Cuomo in FL August 25, 2007
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