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Robusto Deluxe
"$2 Cigar Shocks With Quality!"
Not finding what I was looking for at a local smoke shop...I saw one of these for $2 %26 really just bought it because I spent 10 minutes in the store %26 felt bad leaving with out a purchase. I was almost scared to try it...lol. Wow...really not bad....just a tad bit crude initially...but, great draw...consistent burn...and the taste became more pleasant as I smoked it. Better than some $5 cigars I have purchased. Definitely worth a try!
Thief Da High Priest in Milwaukee July 6, 2014
Churchill Deluxe
"Skip it"
If you want a good cigar, try some of the Famous house brands. This one is not it. This is just a dry, bad cigar. Construction is lousy.
Nightjoe in Idaho April 28, 2012
Robusto Deluxe
"Excellent Smokes"
Was totally fooled by these great smokes.Taste great, burn well, very consistent!
Bill in Maryland January 19, 2012
Churchill Deluxe
"Great Cigar"
As i am a new cigar smoker i am very pleased with this cigar,they are just what i was looking for and i will buy more. Thanks.
Ray R in Tribune, KS December 27, 2011
Robusto Deluxe
"Let them bake a while."
They were so so right out of the box. Flavor was a little bland. burn was right on the money. A little time in my small humi should do the trick.
Ray R in Tribune, KS December 27, 2011 June 25, 2011
Robusto Deluxe
"Sow's Ear ---> Silk Purse"
I bought two of these cigars a few months ago. I smoked the first one and thought that it was pretty crude...I was not impressed at all. I thought about giving the second one away but I thought twice about it and threw it into a batch of cigars I was infusing. After a couple of weeks I took out the Robusto to test the batch. It ended up being a surprisingly good smoke!
J. Charles in Charlotte, NC January 22, 2011
Churchill Deluxe
"Hard to beat for the money"
This one is good all the way around, and the price is right for thoes of us looking for a good cigar for a reasonable price.
r in calif March 5, 2010
Robusto Deluxe
"A Decent Smoke"
I found this to be a pretty good smoke for the price. While the name is somewhat misleading, this is by no means a deluxe cigar, it is still worth buying and smoking. I smoked this last night and found the burn to be good. I did have to touch it up once during the smoke, but I have had to do this with more expensive smokes as well. The taste was relatively mild but did possess some good flavors, more near the end. There was plenty of smoke and the draw was effortless. The ash held on pretty tightly and was mostly white with a bit of flakiness. I would buy and smoke this again.
B.H. in CT March 19, 2009
Robusto Deluxe
"Cheap price = Cheap cigar"
The old saying "you get what you pay for" is very true with the Robusto Deluxe. If you like smoking a good cigar, don't waste your time with this cigar.
Bruce in Amelia Island, Florida February 24, 2009
Robusto Deluxe
"Not Bad For A Free Cigar!"
I was given this cigar free with a sampler pack that I put together! By it being free and lower priced I thought it would be a terrible cigar! It was an excellent cigar by shock and I couldnt beat free.99!
Nick in Sioux Falls SD January 27, 2009
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