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Diamond Crown Reviews

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Diamond Crown Torpedo #8
"Tough Draw"
Diamond Crown makes a really nice, mild cigar. I have had some of their other shapes. This one, however has been a tougher cigar to smoke. It is very tightly rolled and is not easy to get a good draw on it. Try a different shape.
Nate in Tribeca, NY September 30, 2014
Diamond Crown Figurado #6
"Obsessed with this cigar"
This is hands down the best cigar I've ever had! I was first introduced to it at Fuentes Cigar Bar in Las Vegas. The gentleman working the humidor said I would like the flavor from the 5 year aged wrapper. Couldn't of been more on the money. Great burn, unbelievable taste!
Diggity Puff in O Fallon, MO February 15, 2014
Diamond Crown Robusto #4
"Decent smoke - enjoyable"
Beautiful appearance, fairly good construction. Very loose draw, airy - a tighter draw is left to be desired. Uneven burn first third into second third. Mild to Medium body at most, very consistent. A very smooth, leathery, earthy taste - no signs of pepper or spice. Beautiful flavor change at second third - opens up with a touch of molasses, something sweet amongst the earthy, leathery tones. Very, very smooth - smoke is light and airy. Very short finish.
Dizzle in Los Angeles October 27, 2013
Diamond Crown Robusto #4
""The cigar I have had hands down""
I haven't smoked long enough to say I have tried them all but it is definitely a must buy.
john k in harrisburg, nc July 8, 2013
Diamond Crown Robusto #1
I smoke one cigar a week with our golf community cigar club. I've tried many different super-premium cigars at the suggestion of my colleagues. For me, who enjoys a mild and flavorable 90 minute smoke, the DCR#1 is the best cigar I've had.
Chip in South Carolina March 2, 2013
Diamond Crown Robusto #4
"fantastic smoke from DC"
just another fantastic smoke from Diamond Crown. If i'm looking for a cheaper alternative to the DC figurado #6, this is what i buy. Superb in every way possible
Chip in South Carolina March 2, 2013 February 12, 2013
Diamond Crown Figurado #6
"One of my all time favs"
This is a fantastic and consistent cigar. Nutty %26 super creamy with rich full smoke. Def not a cheap cigar, but worth every penny.
K in NYC February 12, 2013
Diamond Crown Figurado #6
DC Figurado # 6, is awesome...for this Aficionado, me, rated 94. Excellent after my breakfast.
Jose in Dominican Republic August 7, 2012
Diamond Crown Figurado #6
I bought a box after buying a single, great quality cigar with great taste. I recommend you try this one.
Brian in Schellhase May 30, 2012
Diamond Crown Robusto #4
"Worth every penny, excellent smoke"
This cigar was every bit the high standard that Diamond Crown represents. Good to the last draw!!
Bill in Georgia August 2, 2011
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