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Diamond Crown Reviews

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Diamond Crown Figurado #6
"A quality cigar at first taste, will try more"
I got a box of these at the auction. Smoked one stick so far. Good first impression, smooth and mellow, solid construction. Not ready to give it the Exceptional rating yet (as given by other Famous customers), will need to smoke another two or three.
GF in Moscow April 12, 2010
Diamond Crown Robusto #1
from the minute you unpack them, the packaging,the box,the narratives and then behold them you know you're in for a treat. top shelf smoke.
james in staten island February 9, 2009
Diamond Crown Robusto #2
"Special Event Smoke"
Despite being impressed with the these beautiful CT wrappers for years, I was put off by the price tag and reports of bland flavors. Finally bought a #2 at the urging of local merchant, and smoked it the night of my daughter's senior prom. The only disappointment was that I had not tried this elegant smoke previously, as the smooth and somewhat complex notes made for a very memorable smoking experience. Will not wait for my next daughter's prom to sample another!
Frank in Long Island, NY November 15, 2008
Diamond Crown Robusto #2
"great smoke from start to finish."
diamond crown is one of a kind
barry in westchester il. March 25, 2008
Diamond Crown Figurado #6
"well worth the money!!!!!!"
This is without a doubt, one of the best cigars I have ever had. More medium bodied than the description, flawless construction, voluminous creamy smoke, never harsh. Very consistent. buttery smooth. It gets more flavorful in 2nd half. It's better than monte #2, cohiba, etc.. You do get what you pay for with this smoke!
Bryan F in indiana September 30, 2007
Diamond Crown Robusto #4
"Mmmmm.... Now this is a stogie boys..."
Aromatic, it smells like fine tobacco and not a turd when you light it. It's a little harder to light, (its big), but very easy to straighten out. These would be good on a lazy morning with your coffee and during the evening with Jack / Bourbon. Probably a little too mild for Scotch. A mild cigar with some flavor...
Mark Nicks in MN February 2, 2007
Diamond Crown Robusto #1
"Diamond Crown No. 1"
This is "The Creme of the Crop" and I would hardly list it in the full-bodied section. This is a mild-medium cigar that is very smooth and very consistant. Slightly over-priced, but a great smoke!
David in Atlanta, GA September 23, 2004
Diamond Crown Figurado #6
"The perfect cigar"
The Diamond Crown Robusto Figurado No.6 is the finest cigar I've ever smoked. Perfect construction and draw. It starts out mild then progresses to a creamy core of floral flavors. You have to be in the mood for one..don't expect it to be a Don Carlos. It's unique in its own way.
Eric Packard in Saranac, NY April 28, 2001
Diamond Crown Robusto #4
"very mild, perfumey smoke; too flowery for me"
While the construction, draw, and appearance are all quite fine, the perfumey aroma of this cigar made me wonder if I was smoking tobacco or my wife's cosmetics. For $10-11 apiece, there are a lot of other cigars I'd choose instead.
Andrew in PA May 29, 1999
5-Pack Frenzy...just got a lot crazier!
La Floridita Fuerte