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Diamond Crown Maximus Reviews

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Diamond Crown Maximus #1
Rich and smooth. Just a wonderful stick! Is the price worth it? Probably a matter of personal preference. Found it enjoyable. Something to splurge on for the holidays or a special occasion.
John in Western PA March 23, 2014
Diamond Crown Maximus #1
"Best Cigar Experience Ever"
This was the absolute best cigar that I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing! I was given a sample to try, and I wish I would have been given more because I could smoke this cigar every day of the year. Wonderful experience!!!
John in Western PA March 23, 2014 August 13, 2013
Diamond Crown Maximus #10
Got one of these is a special 3 pack.Ben on the hunt for then since.It one only3 cigars on the top of my list.The whole time it took to smoke it was pure pleasure. Felt terrible when it was gone,but only because I didn't have any more at the time.
smokindude59 in cincinnati May 3, 2013
Diamond Crown Maximus #4
"The finest cigar imaginable..."
Absolutely perfect cigar! This cigar may be the finest example of what a cigar should be ever created. Our friend who was gifted one, and threw it in his fire should have given it some time in his humidor. The only reason this cigar wouldn't "wow" any cigar smoker is that it was improperly stored. Otherwise, he should stick to smoking Gurkah bundles and have a seat at the kiddie table. I have had may GREAT cigars and have yet to find one that exceeds its excellent complexity and balance. This cigar is perfect. Perfect.
Russell in New Orleans December 8, 2012
Diamond Crown Maximus #3
"Expensive, but one of the best I've had."
Got a 5-pack on auction thinking I might store them for a special occasion. Had to try one on arrival though just to see. Wow! A perfect draw of ultra rich and smooth flavor down to the nub. Sucks that this cigar and My Father, my other favorite, are so damn expensive.
Occasional smoker in Souther CA October 30, 2012
Diamond Crown Maximus #5
"Simply the best cigar EVER!!!"
100s across the board. All the flavor and boldness you could ask for, without knocking you on your butt.
Roger in Stafford, VA September 16, 2012
Diamond Crown Maximus #10
"Fabulous Cigar"
The D.C. #10 Belicoso embodies everything I like about the Maximus line,..but with a larger ring size. Great flavor and draw. Excellent construction. I went through a box of these way to quickly.
Smokehouse in Illinois June 14, 2012
Diamond Crown Maximus #2
very well constructed.excellent taste and draw.very satisfying smoke.great with brandy/cognac
vin in brooklyn February 28, 2012
Diamond Crown Maximus #4
"Great Cigar"
Without a doubt the gentleman who " threw it into the fire pit" has no clue what fine cigar is or .....no really doesn't know what a fine cigar is. Having smoked a few cigars in my 60 years this has to rate up there in my top 3 or 4. So rich so full without being overwhelming or bitter! Rates up there with Opus X Lost City.
Glenn M in Blue Ridge, ga. February 9, 2012
Diamond Crown Maximus #3
"I just finished one of these. WOW!"
I have had several 93 rated cigars but the Maximus is one of, if not the best I've had. Smooth, tasty, 2" ash, great finish, and easy even draw.
Don Cronk in Home @ Palm Coast, Florida February 16, 2011
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