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Diamond Crown Maximus Reviews

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Diamond Crown Maximus #4
"Truly Awful"
Was given one as a gift and threw it into the fire pit after about a dozen puffs. It was rolled poorly, the burn was already uneven, and it tasted horrible. About the only nice thing I can say is the label was pretty.
Phil Kirch in Florida January 3, 2011
Diamond Crown Maximus #1
"Pure smoking pleasure"
Everybody needs to smoke one at lease once in their life. My all time favorite.
MJB in Amarillo August 28, 2009
Diamond Crown Maximus #1
"Mostly just the name!"
Don't know what all of the fuss is about! Their are cigars a forth of the price that taste just as good! But you would rather hold the Diamond in your hand to impress someone! Take the bands off most cigars and you would not even know the difference!!
JG in Western NC Mountains August 20, 2009
Diamond Crown Maximus #1
"Better than Opus X ?"
I got this fine cigar in a two pack with an Opus X of the same size from the Big Smoke in Las Vegas November 2008. I smoked the Opus X and I thought that it was a good smoke, but I didn't think it was great. I'm sure there will be those out there that will say I'm crazy...Sorry, it just didn't suit my taste... I return to the scene of the crime when I went back to Vegas in June 2009 for Vacation and I brought the DC Maximus with me. Wow! Very flavorful, beautiful ash, and great aroma. This cigar got a 10 out of 10 in my rating. There is not one thing bad I can say about this stick. Well, there is one thing. It's an expensive cigar, but a quality worth every penny. Yes, I though that this cigar was better than the Opus X it came with.
Rob in Tustin, Ca June 26, 2009
Diamond Crown Maximus #2
"One of the best!!!"
One of the best cigars I have ever smoked! I`ve had Padron anniverserios and cuban Monticristo #2s, and these are consistently right up there with them. If you got the money you can`t go wrong!
Herb in Parker, CO. June 23, 2009
Diamond Crown Maximus #5
"the name says it all"
just get some and stop debating you wont regret it.definitely awesome stick!!
james in staten island February 9, 2009
Diamond Crown Maximus #10
"Why buy anything else?"
These will put me in the poor house, but i will buy nothing else period!
TJ in Stationed in Iraq January 8, 2009
Diamond Crown Maximus #3
""Absolutely One of The BEST!""
Superior smoke taste and all around great cigar!
Justin M in Seminole FL December 6, 2008
Diamond Crown Maximus #1
"My absolute, all-time favourite cigar."
I've never had better. Definitely a worthy addition to any collection. Buy a whole box, age them several years, and take one out on very special occasions for that perfect moment. Even my wife loves them!
Sacha in Rochester, NY October 14, 2008
Diamond Crown Maximus #2
"One of the best!"
One of the best cigars going! Smooth taste, med. body, and consistent burn from cigar to cigar. Very well constucted.
Herb in Parker, CO. December 27, 2007
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