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Diamond Crown Robusto #4 Reviews [view details]

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"fantastic smoke from DC"
just another fantastic smoke from Diamond Crown. If i'm looking for a cheaper alternative to the DC figurado #6, this is what i buy. Superb in every way possible
in February 12, 2013
"Mmmmm.... Now this is a stogie boys..."
Aromatic, it smells like fine tobacco and not a turd when you light it. It's a little harder to light, (its big), but very easy to straighten out. These would be good on a lazy morning with your coffee and during the evening with Jack / Bourbon. Probably a little too mild for Scotch. A mild cigar with some flavor...
Mark Nicks in MN February 2, 2007
"very mild, perfumey smoke; too flowery for me"
While the construction, draw, and appearance are all quite fine, the perfumey aroma of this cigar made me wonder if I was smoking tobacco or my wife's cosmetics. For $10-11 apiece, there are a lot of other cigars I'd choose instead.
Andrew in PA May 29, 1999
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10 Construction (97) 100
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