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Digital Flat Hygro/Thermometer Black Reviews [view details]

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Decent hygrometer. What kind of replacement batteries does it take?
MP in Norman, OK June 23, 2014
I got one of these. And it's nothing short of junk!
Scott in Alabama March 1, 2013
"50% chance this is a piece of garbage"
The device reads a constant 50%RH regardless of where I put it. I could probably stick this thing in a cup of water and it would say 50%.
KarlB in Sammamish, WA July 25, 2012
"What Can I Say!!"
Just received it the other day. I pulled the plastic tab that activated the battery and unit. It works great. It's amazing how well. When I open my humi to pull out a stick, the unit is already changing values. Very sensitive and with expensive cigars, it helps me relax.
ang51 in Windermere, FL November 19, 2009