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Digital Thermo-Hygrometer Black Reviews [view details]

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"Terrible, way off"
off by over 10% points when compared to three other in my humidor. don't waste your money.
Martin in Los Angeles February 11, 2014
"Don't Waste the Money"
I bought two of these, what a waste! I placed these in a humidor with other ACCURATE hygrometers and these pieces of garbage measure 20% - 30% off. DO NOT BUY THESE!
Jeff in Canal Fulton, Ohio December 21, 2013
"Poor quality"
Not worth the money. Trust me.
Shawn in Phila. PA July 19, 2012
"Poor hygrometer"
Purchased two of these hygrometers at same time. Performed salt test on both at same time and one read 3% low and the other 6%. Performed a second salt test with same results. Problem is these hygrometers cannot be calibrated. Also, material that came with them state they are accurate to +/- 5%. Had description stated this I would not have ordered in first place - a range of 10% is not adequated to take care of your cigars. On the positive side I like the look and size, and they do a great job measuring temperature, but accurate hygrometers they're not. Would not purchase again.
GL in July 17, 2012