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"Enjoy smoking more, by smoking less with Djarum"
I used to smoke 44 cigarettes per day...costly, and yes, made me cough....THEN I DISCOVERED DJARUM CLOVE MENTHOL LITTLE CIGARS! There are 12 per pack...they are filtered, and have a cool black wrapper. They are a nice long lasting cigar, less expensive, because I smoke less...they don't "stink" like cigarettes...and I LOVE THE FLAVOUR! I AM SOLD! NO MORE CIGARETTES FOR ME! People in public, are fascinated with the pleasant aroma...both smokers and non-smokers alike. I have been smoking clove cigarillos now for more than a year, and even my doctor says that she can't tell that I smoke...when listening to my breathing. Hey, I am saving money, and enjoying a whole new way of smoking!
P J from California in California, USA November 7, 2010
"Best flavored clove menthol filtered cigars ever!"
If you used to smoke Djarum Black (clove) cigarettes, you know that ya can't get them here in the USA anymore...but these little cigars are even BETTER! Sure ya get fewer in a pack, but they last a long time, burn smooth and don't burn away, wasting valuable money and tobacco...AND they do NOT "pop", and burn your clothes! Here at this site...the price is right, even if you add Priority Mail Shipping! If you haven't tried them yet...I highly suggest that you do! The other flavors, I've heard are pretty darn good as well. Enjoy and save!
Paula in San Diego August 15, 2010
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