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Djarum Little Reviews

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Djarum Splash Filter Little Cigars (12)
"Djarum Splash Cigars"
Djarum Splash Cigars are by far my favorite of clove cigars-I find them very satisfying. Famous Smoke Shop has given me excellent service--I m gonna recommend them to all my friends. Thanks again.
Jonathan O. in Clarksville, AR December 18, 2014
Djarum Special Grande Filter (12)
"More Tobacco, Less Flavor"
Nice to get more smoke, but Djarum seems to be moving even farther from what the Special really tasted like. Too bad. Buy the little ones if you want more kretek-like cigar, but even these aren't as good as Special kreteks.
Steve in US April 18, 2014
Djarum Mild Filter (12)
"The Best In Mild Cigarettes"
I was introduced to Djarum Milds and they are very pleasant and mild for someone who does not smoke a lot. They re very smooth and satisfying.
Sandy in Arizona March 29, 2014
Djarum Black Filtered Little Cigars (12)
"Nothing Compares"
Excellent pull, exotic taste, iconic design and appeal... It is the ONLY thing I smoke... The allure of a "Black" is 'neigh in impossible to ignore. I was a non-smoker for 30 years (I'm barely 32) and the incomparable pairing of a clove and a cup of espresso or imported/aged spirit was impossible to ignore. But what convinced me OVERALL, was SCIENCE: Studies prove that pairing Djarum Blacks (in specific) with black tea stimulates the creative centers of the brain... In addition, the stimulant effect that nicotine has on the body, it can enhance productivity. As a college student, the appeal/overwhelming evidence combined to inspire my love-affair with the brand. The flavor is like none-other: Better than candy, sweeter than a fine wine... It envelops your senses... Pure, Unmitigated Satisfaction. I see no reason to underestimate a product such as this. Try them once and you will emerge transformed.
NiQue in Duluth, MN October 2, 2013
Djarum Black Filtered Little Cigars (12)
I been smoking cloves for a couple years now, there perfect for when I get done playing the drums or playing softball. Smooth taste keeps me rocking in the free world.
James Zollar in Rossvegas, Illinois July 1, 2013
Djarum Black Filtered Little Cigars (12)
"Sweet and Flavorful"
These are sweet and flavorful, and the only cigar I smoke. As a pipe smoker I prefer more variety in my tobacco flavor than 'cigarette' and these little cigars deliver. The sauce on the filter is great, and the smell is unbeatable.
John in North Carolina April 8, 2013
Djarum Black Vanilla Filtered Little Cigars (12)
"vanilla ?"
the cigar looks very cool, thats why i got them and because i like vanilla cigars but this cigar does not smell or taste like vanilla. it my not taste like vanilla but i still like them.
HOMER February 7, 2013
Djarum Black Filtered Little Cigars (12)
I picked up a pack of these the other day and I must say they are good. My only qualm is in the experience i had with the wrapping. They came apart in my pocket easier than any other cigarette I've held onto. It was annoying having all the tobacco/clove residue in my pockets.
Marth in Purchase NY December 16, 2012
Djarum Bali Hai Filter Little Cigars (12)
"One of my"
Eve in Milwaukee November 15, 2012
Djarum Black Filtered Little Cigars (12)
"Great for Sinus Pain and Asthma"
I used to work in a dusty warehouse. My Sinus used to swell because of the dust. I smoked a Djarum clove and fell in love. All the swelling went away immediately even my asthma. Who would have knew?
Robert in Richmond,VA November 13, 2012
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