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Djarum Little Reviews

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Djarum Black Filtered Little Cigars (12)
"only cig i smoke."
Beautiful construction.burns slow.smells amazing.taste even better.100% recommend this.
josh October 10, 2012
Djarum Black Filtered Little Cigars (12)
"An excellent product and an elegant smoke"
Prior to trying my first Black, I had never been a big fan of clove-flavored cigars. However, after experiencing the unmatched smoothness, the remarkable burn-time and excellent taste, I have smoked nothing but these. I don't want this review to sound like a manufacturers review, but these really are that good. A top-notch cigar despite its misleading size.
Philip in Kikawa October 4, 2012
Djarum Black Filtered Little Cigars (12)
"Interesting flovor, but very strong"
Djarum Black Little Cigars have an interesting flavor, but if you?re inclined to inhale a little smoke, these little suckers are very strong. Beware.
John in Melbourne, Florida October 3, 2012
Djarum Splash Filter Little Cigars (12)
"Very Good"
Most flavorful of the cloves by far.
David S in San Antonio, TX September 7, 2012
Djarum Special Filter Little Cigars (12)
"Smooth delight"
I have tried all the cloves and these are the best! They burn slow can last up to 15min. Much better than any average cig! Great aroma that most people enjoy or don't mind to be around. I have been smoking the Specials for over 10yrs daily and I add an extra filter (that comes with about 10 in a pack) on the end from a local pharmacy store to reduce tar and it fits perfectly! Smooth taste doesn't burn actually numbs and the added filter does not reduce the draw or flavor until it is time to switch. The filter also matches the clove brown tone. All the other clove flavors from Djarum are good, but this is the one I stick with. I think it is an eloquent smoke for the ladies as well.
Christine in GA May 5, 2012
Djarum Special Filter Little Cigars (12)
"Very decent cloves"
I used to smoke the Specials 10-11 years ago. Since the new law passed about the filters not being flavored, they are still nice, and do still have a slight sweet taste at the tip.
DP in TN January 6, 2012
Djarum Black Vanilla Filtered Little Cigars (12)
"Djarum Perfection"
Djarum has tried several strange flavors, such as tea and cappuccino. However, when it comes to combining vanilla and their signature clove, they hit pay dirt. The vanilla blacks are the epitome of perfection, supplying the best of clove bite and vanilla smooth. An excellent introductory item for new or prospective Djarum customers..
Andrew in ABQ June 4, 2011
Djarum Black Filtered Little Cigars (12)
"The Best..."
Djarum black is what got me smoking, I love them so much that I even have a fresh unopen pack right here with me as I type this. I think Ill enjoy one now!
Jacob in Menifee, CA April 10, 2011
Djarum Special Filter Little Cigars (12)
"Lovely :)"
I love these!! They r the best tasting ones they make ;) yum
Courtney in Springfield, Ma January 28, 2011
Djarum Special Filter Little Cigars (12)
"great taste slow burn..."
Even though labeled as cigars, they are quiet smooth and full of flavor, that is...for a cigarette. They last twice as long as traditional cigarettes and boast a unique taste on the tongue as well as the lips. For those adventurous smokers this is one that has to be put on the list.
james in yuma az January 11, 2011
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