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Djarum Wood Tip Reviews

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Djarum Wood Tip Classic (5)
"Better than "Blacks" or "Specials""
I used to smoke filtered Djarum Black and Specials for years. Then I gave these a try. Wow! I love these cigars. I'm an inhaler and I prefer these over any others. They are so smooth with a rich clove taste. I will never go back to smoking Blacks or Specials as long as I can get these.
Howard in Arizona July 4, 2013
Djarum Wood Tip Rum (5)
"Nice change of pace."
I don't normally smoke a lot of flavored cigars. However, these are a nice change of pace, plus they aren't gone in 2 minutes like a cigarillo. The wood tip is handy to keep pieces from flaking off into your mouth and a nice added convenience. Nice construction, too. Out of 17 so far, only one has fallen out of its wooden tip. Good cigar when you can't decide between smoking a cigar or eating dessert.
pacman357 in Seattle April 19, 2012
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