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Dominique Reviews

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Dominique Robusto
"Good Light"
One of the better ones out of the F20 Sampler. Fairly light for a Robusto. Extremely smooth after it sat for about a week in my humidor. Highly recommended for a practically-priced, casual cigar.
Andrew in Georgia February 23, 2012
Dominique Robusto
Good smoke, leave it in your humidor for couple of days.
Visute in Thailand January 12, 2012
Dominique Robusto
"Draw is a bit tight with light flavour"
Initial light started uneven but with a bit more toasting evened out. The draw is tight with light flavour
Chris in Ashburn Ontario Canada December 29, 2011
Dominique Robusto
good cigar but burns uneven.
Chris in Ashburn Ontario Canada December 29, 2011 October 9, 2011
Dominique Robusto
"Totally Awful"
I received this cigar in the 5-pack 'sample F' package. I rated it by trying to enjoy only one cigar which may not be a fair test as I believe a rating should be based on 3 or more cigars. Anyway, the draw was like drawing through an open straw. It would stop burning if allowed to 'rest' for more than 60 seconds and then it was difficult to relight as it was rolled with very little tobacco. I enjoy mild/medium cigars, but this one had nothing to it. The band indicates 'premium imported cigars' -- I'd say it wouldn't even rate as a 'second'. The best thing about this cigar is the band.
Don in York, Maine June 19, 2011
Dominique Robusto 5 Pack
"Excelant appearence, Poor taste"
Very good appearence, good draw and burn, but is one of the worst tasting cigars I've ever smoked. It could just be me but five cigars all tasted the same. Try at your own risk. Pretty Label
greg April 15, 2011
Dominique Robusto
Burn is very uneven - 0ne-sided.Draw and appearance good. Construction is rather loose. Taste is descent but I hope you come out with a maduro w/ CT wrapper. Consistency is keyed to the above remarks. Since the robusto is a test market stick, it needs some more attention before you hit the street with the other shapes. All in all, it is a notch better than the old ones.
mike donegan in stratford, ct February 16, 2011
Dominique Robusto
"If you like mild this cigar is for you."
I had A pleasant time with this cigar, but it was definitely on the mild side for me. Still it had A light nuttiness and spice that makes it worthy for consideration if you want A light and mild cigar.
Rodney Beckom in Rockmart Ga. February 8, 2011
Dominique #74
Not as good as other candela cigars i have had from famous and i really did want to like these, but they are flavourless.
creekend in UK May 28, 2010
Dominique #74
It's difficult to review a cigar that can't be smoked. The draw on these cigars is impossible. Liberal use of a draw enhancer didn't help. The only way to judge the makeup of this cigar is to grind it up and roll it in papers.
Mike in Mid Atlantic May 13, 2010
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