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"Quality has gone downhill"
These used to be a good smoke but in the past year their quality has drastically gone downhill. Everything from poor wrappers, broken/punctured sticks, to inconsistent packing creating a hard draw.
Dave in CA February 14, 2015
"not bad"
I found these in a local tobacco store that had a case of some higher end cigar brands. I saw these little guys in there and figured id try them they are a good mild smoke and as is pointed out some do have a tight draw but nothing to tight. Plus, they were inexpensive compared to the other ones and now have been my go to smoke when I don't have a bigger better cigar.
Shawn in Clarksville Tn March 5, 2013
"Good, inexpensive smoke"
very good smoke for the money but as another reviewer mentioned many of the cigars are packed a little too tight crating a very hard draw.
Trace in New York November 14, 2012
very nice rich flavor. well made and consistent burn, burns slow and even and cool. i will buy again.
jnovak in lebanon, oh August 5, 2012
"too tight for me"
Fits my taste, but 1/2 of them have a really hard draw to them -- puts them in my do not buy category.
in January 11, 2011
"very pleasant"
as a new cigar smoker, I found these quite mild and pleasant, infact I'm going to buy more.
Gary in Capitola January 24, 2010
"Starts Slow but ends nice!"
These little cigars are one of my favorites, a nice size that allows you to have a real good smoke almost any time, It starts out real mild and gets better as you get to the end, I would recomend it!
Hank in Lake Wylie, SC January 3, 2009
"Great little Smoke"
These little Babies are fantastic.I love the taste,smooth burn and workmanship.One of my favorites at a killer price.
Billy in Lowell Ma March 12, 2008
"not a good experience"
Kevin of Illinois said it all for me.
William in New York September 9, 2006
"not a fan..."
only other "good" cigar ive ever tried was the acid kuba kuba and i thought it was good. i picked up a couple of these babies, and honestly i didnt like them at all. they burned real slow which was nice, but the taste was real harsh i ended up getting rid of it before it was done. im not sure if it was the sun grown or not but i know they were babies. anyways i wasnt impressed, next up is the AVO #2 hopefully that will be good.
kevin in illinois August 13, 2005
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10 Draw (69) 100
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10 Appearance (76) 100
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10 Taste (79) 100
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10 Construction (70) 100
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