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Don Diego Reviews

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Don Diego Lonsdale
"Inconsistant Burn"
I have smoked these for several years and they were very good but the last two boxes were awful. Can't put one down for 10 sec. without having to relight. Very inconsistant burn. Will be looking for a substitute.
Steve Robinson in Goshen Indiana September 20, 2013
Don Diego Lonsdale
"Consistant, Good Taste, Great Price!"
Not bursting with flavor, but for a connecticut wrapper this cigar has plenty of pepper and woody flavor. I smoked this yesterday when I wanted something suited for smoking on an empty stomach and it was perfect! It had just enough "bite" to keep me satisfied without knocking me down for a loop. Great morning/afternoon stick with great taste!
Frankie in Brooklyn, NY July 18, 2013
Don Diego Corona Majors (Tubes)
"big cigar packed into small size!"
believe it or not this little cigar packed a mouth full of flavor for one hour 45 minutes! This was probably one of the more value priced cigars I have ever smoked. Best bang for the buck!
Ian Goebel in Virginia June 18, 2013
Don Diego Grandes
"Consistent, mild and pleasant smoke"
Gave up cigs and moved up to premium purpose. This was one of my first favorites. Mild, pleasant smoke with consistent quality construction. Occasionally burns a bit unevenly, but not too hard to handle. Grandes hold a permanent space in my humidor. A great value for a premium smoke.
F in Sunnyvale, CA May 16, 2013
Don Diego Babies Sun Grown
"not bad"
I found these in a local tobacco store that had a case of some higher end cigar brands. I saw these little guys in there and figured id try them they are a good mild smoke and as is pointed out some do have a tight draw but nothing to tight. Plus, they were inexpensive compared to the other ones and now have been my go to smoke when I don't have a bigger better cigar.
Shawn in Clarksville Tn March 5, 2013
Don Diego Babies Sun Grown
"Good, inexpensive smoke"
very good smoke for the money but as another reviewer mentioned many of the cigars are packed a little too tight crating a very hard draw.
Trace in New York November 14, 2012
Don Diego Robusto
"Not worthy"
pretty much ruined a nice vacation. Bought 27 Robustos, which burned unevenly, drew terribly, and canoed all over the place. August brand gone bad! Never again
Pat in Lakeland, Minnesota August 20, 2012
Don Diego Babies Sun Grown
very nice rich flavor. well made and consistent burn, burns slow and even and cool. i will buy again.
jnovak in lebanon, oh August 5, 2012
Don Diego Robusto
"Mild smoke, good for a new cigar smoker"
Overall a very mild and smooth smoke. I found the burn to be quite even in a humid environment, the flavor was consistently tasty throughout, and the smoke was magnificent and nearly perfect. Produced fairly warm smoke (Very noticeable). I enjoyed the taste, but the after taste was less than preferred and stuck a little more than I would personally have liked as it wasn't terribly pleasant. For the price you can't really go wrong, but for an extra dollar their are better mild cigars available. For a less diversified smoker though, it would be enjoyable to say the least. Worth a try. (I got mine in a Dominican 6 pack sampler)
John July 1, 2012
Don Diego Lonsdale
"Not a fan..."
Smoked this one tonight. It burned well, the draw was nice, and the stick was in excellent shape. It was way too mild for my liking though. I knew it would be mild, but dang. Had a creamy smoke, but almost a grassy/really light leather taste. It was entirely too light for my tastes. It was well constructed though.
Dave in Canada May 2, 2012
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