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Don Diego Reviews

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Don Diego Robusto
"Not worthy"
pretty much ruined a nice vacation. Bought 27 Robustos, which burned unevenly, drew terribly, and canoed all over the place. August brand gone bad! Never again
Pat in Lakeland, Minnesota August 20, 2012
Don Diego Babies Sun Grown
very nice rich flavor. well made and consistent burn, burns slow and even and cool. i will buy again.
jnovak in lebanon, oh August 5, 2012
Don Diego Robusto
"Mild smoke, good for a new cigar smoker"
Overall a very mild and smooth smoke. I found the burn to be quite even in a humid environment, the flavor was consistently tasty throughout, and the smoke was magnificent and nearly perfect. Produced fairly warm smoke (Very noticeable). I enjoyed the taste, but the after taste was less than preferred and stuck a little more than I would personally have liked as it wasn't terribly pleasant. For the price you can't really go wrong, but for an extra dollar their are better mild cigars available. For a less diversified smoker though, it would be enjoyable to say the least. Worth a try. (I got mine in a Dominican 6 pack sampler)
John July 1, 2012
Don Diego Lonsdale
"Not a fan..."
Smoked this one tonight. It burned well, the draw was nice, and the stick was in excellent shape. It was way too mild for my liking though. I knew it would be mild, but dang. Had a creamy smoke, but almost a grassy/really light leather taste. It was entirely too light for my tastes. It was well constructed though.
Dave in Canada May 2, 2012
Don Diego Robusto 5 Pack
I tried this cigar after 3 weeks in the humidor. And I would give it an OK. OK draw. OK price at $3. Spicy and hints of leather and grass. OK burn too. I'd rate it at 75 not 86.
Leroy in Washington April 11, 2012
Don Diego Lonsdale
"Consistently fine cigar!"
As a cigar smoker for more than 30 years, I find myself continually coming back to this fine cigar. Now, while it's true that I prefer a mild smoke and it's also true that I've tried Dunhill, Ashton, Macanudo, Montecristo--- among others---I really do find myself continually coming back to this fine cigar. To go with a very good appearance, burn and construction, I have found their consistency and taste to be uniformly quite high. And I just bought another box!!!
Craig C in Dutchess County, NY November 29, 2011
Don Diego Corona Majors (Tubes)
"It's a crap shoot...."
All depends on the individual maker. I smoke these daily and when they are made right, they are fantastic. Cool draw, creamy mild and consistant to the end. Sadly though you will get one box consistantly great and the next box will be way too tight on the draw. For $69 a box its always a crap shoot.
Chris in NJ November 23, 2011
Don Diego Robusto
"Excellent value!"
Not really sure why this cigar rates so low. For the price and quality fo this stick it should rate a little higher. Smooth, excellent draw, great flavor. Not a lot of changes from front to back but still very good smoke!
Chuck in Baltimore October 20, 2011
Don Diego Babies Sun Grown
"too tight for me"
Fits my taste, but 1/2 of them have a really hard draw to them -- puts them in my do not buy category.
Chuck in Baltimore October 20, 2011 January 11, 2011
Don Diego Churchill
"Made for a slow, relaxing evening."
This is a great cigar for a long relaxing evening. Enjoy, and don't rush.
Chuck in Baltimore October 20, 2011 January 11, 2011 October 1, 2010
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