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Don Diego Reviews

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Don Diego Churchill
"Ok, until you reach the end."
This was my first real cigar. At first, I enjoyed how exceedingly mild it was. But then, I got tired of how it was almost tasteless. Finally, when it got near the end, there was no flavor to cover the inherant harshness that happens with most cigars when you get there. Then, it tasted like crap, almost on the level of a swisher. Yuck.
Carson August 26, 2010
Don Diego Corona
"Smooth Cigar for a reasonable Price"
I have smoked this cigar for a few years now and I have yet to find a cigar that can top its combination of smooth taste and easy draw. This is definitely ranked as my #1 cigar of choice.
Beau in Des Moines, IA July 18, 2010
Don Diego Robusto
What a good cigar should be. I first smoked DD about 4-5 years ago. They have become scarce until I found Famous. This is an excellent smoke, good draw, burn great flavor.
Tom in Upstate NY July 11, 2010
Don Diego Preludes (10)
"Not worth $5"
Bad construction, average taste. Waste of money. Will never buy Don Diego again. Ever.
Bullit in Honolulu, Hawaii May 26, 2010
Don Diego Babies Sun Grown
"very pleasant"
as a new cigar smoker, I found these quite mild and pleasant, infact I'm going to buy more.
Gary in Capitola January 24, 2010
Don Diego Preludes (10)
"Nice Mild 30Minute Smoke"
I was surprised by the quality of this little 30 minute smoke. Very mild, good draw, good construction and tastes pretty good. Glad I bought a tin of these little guys!
James in Concord, NH October 23, 2009
Don Diego Churchill
"Just a great smoke"
My first non-convenience store cigar was a Don Diego. I have about 1/2 a box of these in my humidor right now. In fact, I literally just finished one. This is one of the most consistent burning, consistent tasting, well consistent everything cigars I have had. Many experts say this cigar is worth far more than the price. I completely agree. I have more expensive cigars, but I find myself smoking these all the time.
Drew P. in Arlington, WA January 11, 2009
Don Diego Babies Sun Grown
"Starts Slow but ends nice!"
These little cigars are one of my favorites, a nice size that allows you to have a real good smoke almost any time, It starts out real mild and gets better as you get to the end, I would recomend it!
Hank in Lake Wylie, SC January 3, 2009
Don Diego Grandes
"Pretty good cigar"
I got 2 in a sampler from famous smoke. The first I was not too impressed with, but I literally just finished smoking the second and i was impressed. A nice big size, almost perfect draw, good construction, and definitely a great mild taste. Only ashed it twice throughout the whole cigar, it held a nice gray ash. I'd recommend it.
Mike in Ohio October 1, 2008
Don Diego Lonsdale
"Still One Of My Favorites"
This was one of the first cigars I ever smoked, and I find myself coming back to it again and again. Very nice taste and aroma. Consistently good. One of my favorites.
Mark in Michigan September 13, 2008
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