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Don Felo Reviews

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Don Felo Felitos
"Great little smoke!"
I discovered these while I was searching for a smaller, shorter, smoke on famous. I was intrigued by the name because Felo happens to be my surname. Been through a bundle and I can certainly say it s a great little cigar!
B. Felo in PA April 22, 2014
Don Felo Felitos
"Not Bad At All"
Good little stogie for not a lot of $$$. Great for when you only got the expensive ones left over in-between shipments or when you just want a something to gnaw on.
Matt in NH June 28, 2013
Don Felo Felitos
"Great quality and value!"
These are by far one of the best small cigars I have smoked. The draw is perfect and the taste is very mild but yet smooth. I was able to smoke one of these last night for about 30 minutes before putting it out. These burn very nice and even. Highly recommended for the value.
Todd in Saint Louis June 2, 2013
Don Felo Felitos
"Very Good Cuban-seed Honduran"
This is my first favorite Honduran cigar. Well-balanced taste and aroma, medium-bodied nice smoke.
amlway in Yokohama December 7, 2011
Don Felo Felitos
"A very pleasant 20 min."
This is a nice little cigar packed with flavor and lots of smoke. It will stay in my humidor
Larry in Ankeny December 27, 2010
Don Felo Felitos
"Great Little Cigar"
I'm glad I took a chance on these. This is the best small cigar I've found for the price. I'll be smoking these on a regular basis from now on!
Robert Harris in Lawrenceville Georgia November 18, 2010
Don Felo Felitos
"Very good smoke"
I was pleasantly surprised by this cigar. A little stronger than my normal swisher but I thought well put together and good burn.
Sam in Alabama October 14, 2010
Don Felo Felitos
"Wimpy construction but great for the price"
Nice price. Decent flavor, poor construction.
Steve G. in Indiana April 22, 2009
Don Felo Felitos
"Great smoke!"
These are my daily smoke. They are small enough to smoke in a reasonable amount of time and they taste great. I must have smoked a thousand so far and they never fail to sastify, an easy draw. They are made from cut offs, but who cares.
David in Rockville MD April 3, 2009
Don Felo Felitos
"cant beat the price.get more bang than your buck."
tasty little cigar unbeatable price.nice quick smoke.harsh to some but tasty little spicy cigar to me.all cigars were consistent in quality with a good even burn good draw and good taste.not the best construction on earth but it depends on the user.
"Don" Jared in Santa Cruz July 16, 2008
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