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Don Felo Reviews

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Don Felo Felitos
JMAN in SOUTH BEND,IN. April 3, 2008
Don Felo Felitos
"Poorly made...they're off my list"
I'm surprised at previous reviews...I must have gotten a "bad batch"...only about 1/3 to 1/2 of the bundle I received were rolled well enough to smoke. The rest were so loose, they burned like a fuse. Those that were rolled well were ok, but nothing special. I will not order this cigar again.
Scott in Hawaii June 9, 2006
Don Felo Felitos
"Tasty little cigar"
This is a darn good little cigar. I've been smoking Garcia & Vega miniatures for short smokes and was looking for something with a little more taste - this is it. Attractive dark wrapper, nice easy draw and plenty of rich medium body flavor. Construction could look better, but mine have burned well and the wrappers have stayed intact to the end. A lot more flavor than I expected from a .50/cent smoke. I'll be ordering more of these.
Mike Allen in New Mexico May 13, 2006
Don Felo Felitos
"Good buy for the price"
The taste and draw are great and you can't ask for more for $0.50. Construction could be much better, but again you have to consider the price. My overall rating is 7.
Eugene in Los Angeles March 11, 2005
Don Felo Felitos
"Who'd known"
This is a good cigar. I don't have much money to enjoy a cigar, with the farm and the family responsibilities. The cigar is smooth, medium bodied, tasty too. I put a couple in the humidor for a couple of months and they even tasted better the next time. If you're looking for good chew, Look no farther!
Junior in Alabama January 24, 2005
Don Felo Felitos
"Afternoon de lite"
I usually like my gar longer with a large cigar ring 52 -54. I was out of cigars and a close friend was smoking the Don Felo's. He gave me one. It's an interesting cigar with spice, maybe a cammie wrapper, I'm not sure. I recommend this cigar, for a short pleasant medium body cigar. Not a strong cigar, but it had good flavor. Good lunch or short break cigar.
Jim Bowrer in Black Hills January 19, 2005
Don Felo Felitos
"WOW what a taste"
I wasn't sure what this cigar was. Never had one until that day. It looked ok, but nothing special. Then I put that puppy in my mouth and lit her up like the 4th of July. Well that cigar lit me up right back. The taste was astounding. I'll never forget that day when I first met lil' Felo. We've been together ever since.
Sam Tubbs in Western USA January 18, 2005
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