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Don Lino Havana Reserve Reviews

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Don Lino Havana Res. Habanito
"Consistently Gross"
These taste like hay or straw that hasn't been dried out. Maybe this could be a bad batch because I bought these upon reading all the good reviews here. Tried many over several months but still just don't like them. Not a real tobacco flavor.
Bill in USA June 13, 2012
Don Lino Havana Res. Habanito
"Good for the price!!"
Not a bad daily cigar. I must say however they are cheap and you do get what you paid for for when it comes to smoothness. But overall I love em.
Matt B. in Charleston Missouri March 20, 2012
Don Lino Havana Res. Habanito
a great cigar , love them
jerry d willoughby in kentucky March 15, 2011
Don Lino Havana Res. Habanito
"Great little smoke!"
Picked up a tin of these after reading the positive reviews. A "Why not?" purchase. I wasn't disappointed when I tried em out. Great little smoke for 50c a stick! If you're looking for something to smoke for 5-10min these are what you're looking for.
Ty in Fruit Capital March 12, 2011
Don Lino Havana Res. Habanito
"Excellent Little Cigar!!"
I was reluctant to make this purchase. Due to the fact that the tin looks like it's very large, but in fact it is about the size of your fist. So because of that I was scared to buy it. I am positively surprised. I give it about a 9/10. It is a very cute little cigar and it's very good for a five-minute to 7 min. smoke. For those of you who prefer small cigars to large cigars I would definitely recommend this product. My only regret is that I only purchased one instead of two. I would suggest that you purchase two at a time because they run out very fast. But otherwise this is an excellent cigar for everyday use. I will definitely be purchasing this product again. I will more than likely be getting at least six a month so hopefully they have a large amount and don't run out. I think I have finally found my everyday little cigar that I have been looking for. Thank you Famous Smoke!!!
Charlotte in Murfreesboro, Tennessee December 4, 2010
Don Lino Havana Res. Habanito
Nice sweet... perfect Awesome !! ... wonder if they have this same mix in a tad larger after work smoke..... hmmmm Yummy
Kevin L in Tigard Or. July 8, 2010
Don Lino Havana Res. Habanito
"Cheap for a reason"
Don't let the ratings fool you, the taste is so-so. I'd rather spend the money for taste.
Bullit in Honolulu, HI May 26, 2010
Don Lino Havana Res. Habanito
Was expecting these to be nice and mild. NOT AT ALL. These were very rough, with a few small smooth pockets. Avoid these bad boys.
Matt April 14, 2010
Don Lino Havana Res. Habanito
"Very nice"
I have a box of these on hand for that 7 minute smoke. Big rich taste in a small quick smoke.
Gary in Capitola, California February 3, 2010
Don Lino Havana Res. Habanito
rolled VERY loosely, good taste and burn, but soft and flimsy...
rockstar in chicago November 14, 2009
5-Pack Frenzy...just got a lot crazier!
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