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Don Lino Havana Reserve Reviews

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Don Lino Havana Res. Habanito
""the" quick smoke to buy"
Great quick smoke, tasty little thing lasts about 7-10 minutes. depending of course on how much you puff. The trick is to buy two of them for $35, and it knocks it down to a 35 cent smoke break. Can't beat it.
Gerard in GA October 1, 2009
Don Lino Havana Res. Habanito
"a fine short smoke"
Burned very well, well constructed, and quite tasty given the size. It has a bit of a bite near the end. I wish they were just a little larger. These are ideal when you have only 15 minutes.
Eric in Lockport, IL January 31, 2009
Don Lino Havana Res. Habanito
""Say hello to my lee toe frienn""
It's like they took this great big, well flavored, fine cigar and shrunk down to a teenie tiny size. "Say hello to my lee toe frienn!"
Ken in Scranton July 26, 2008
Don Lino Havana Res. Habanito
"Great quick smoke with a great price"
I smoke these when I am at work. They are great for a 10 minute smoke break. You can't beat the price either. I was smoking Garcia Vega Miniatures for my quickies. But I had to switch to these when I made the switch to good cigars all around the board.
S. Newsense in Baltimore, MD October 30, 2007
Don Lino Havana Res. Habanito
"Great Smoke"
Great short smoke. You cannot beat the flavor or the value. If you are looking for a quick 10 minute smoke this is it.
Patrick in Boston February 10, 2007
Don Lino Havana Res. Habanito
"Excellent quick smoke"
Excellent quick smoke. Good draw with slight bite at end. Great value. Super construction and even burn.
Andrew in Leavenworth, KS February 13, 2005
Don Lino Havana Reserve Torpedo
This cigar had no flavor - tasted like a bad one out of a bundle. I thought the Maduro would have a little kick to it - nothing - and the flavor it did have was disappointing. Expensive for a lackluster cigar.
Mike in California July 16, 2003
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