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Don Mateo Reviews

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Don Mateo #7
"They're OK For The Price."
Don Mateo #7 The Bouquet was mild and reminded me a little of soap. The Draw was ok but easier than I like. It maintained a good Finish however the cap started to come unraveled. Over all I would not buy a bundle again.
David in California December 3, 2014
Don Mateo #10
Got these when the #8s were on back order should have waited. Will not be buying these again
Mark in Texas October 19, 2014
Don Mateo #11
For a while now I've been looking for a good tasting, well built, and everyday smoke. My friends, here it is! At least for me, out of several I've smoked, I have yet to be disappointed. If I absolutely had to be critical it's in the consistency. They have all had great flavor but the draw does change ever so many sticks, but hey, they're not $12. So in my humble opinion BUY!
the_bhoop in Georgia October 13, 2014
Don Mateo #10
Good quality sticks at a good price. Highly recommend these Don Mateo #10s for anyone who wants quality and value.
Paul in Los Angeles,CA October 12, 2014
Don Mateo #8
"Good Cigar for Price"
For an inexpensive cigar, I found it to be comparable to more expensive cigars. It is mild, has an easy draw, even consistency, and a good burn. Worth a try for an everyday cigar.
Mark in Texas September 19, 2014
Don Mateo #11
"Outstanding Value Priced Cigar"
This cigar was quite a surprise. Perfectly even burn from beginning to end. Almost perfect draw and consistency plus solid construction make this stick a bargain. The flavor is a little lighter and milder than I desire, but not in a bad way. There was really nothing not to like about this cigar especially at about 2 bucks a pop. Good solid performer!
Charles in Oldsmar, FL September 15, 2014
Don Mateo #3
"Middle of the Road"
This cigar did not knock my socks off and it was not bad either. An average stick that could have had a better burn towards the middle and taste was mild and so-so but not horrible. Another smoker may enjoy it more. As for me there are other cigars in this price range that I like better but give this one a try you may like it better than I did.
Charles in Oldsmar, Florida August 25, 2014
Don Mateo #11
"Very good for the price"
I have been smoking cigars for over 50 years and the Don Mateo #11 is a great cigar for the money. I chew the ends and this cigar holds together as good as any $10.00 cigar. It is my everyday favorite.
Chet in Agawam, MA August 12, 2014
Don Mateo #7
"Very Smooth"
Great price for a smooth, hand rolled cigar. Will buy again.
Charles in Florida August 1, 2014
Don Mateo #7
"Great Everyday Cigar"
This was a random purchase and I m glad I did. The cigar is great and smokes very well. I prefer a medium to mild cigar and the draw and flavor of this cigar exceeded my expectations. This will be a constant in my humidor from now on.
Marc in CA May 21, 2014
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