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Don Mateo Reviews

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Don Mateo #11
"Great cigar for cigar fans just starting out..."
I have been buying the 11's since the 90's when they still had the old blue bands, they are reliable and have been around a while now. The #11 provides a pleasant medium bodied flavor and the size is large enough to provide a good smoking experience, especially for new cigar fans on a limited budget. I first bought these for my son to enjoy when he decided he was ready to smoke cigars, instead of him raiding my humidors. After graduating to better cigars, he is now introduing his son to cigars using the Don Mateo #11's as well. Not a bad cigar for the money, for a smoker who is looking for a real cigar experience at a budget price.
David in Louisville October 28, 2012
Don Mateo #8
"Don Mateo cigar"
I picked up a few of these at a b&m, I was blown away at the quality, solid medium body, turns medium full last 1/3, definitely has a Nicaraguan bight to it, smooth and actually quite complex, I smoked 2 of the toro and a churchill, I paid 2.39 there, but this price is insane, I have found my everyday smoke, and it's a buck cheaper than my old everyday.
David in Louisville October 28, 2012 January 23, 2012
Don Mateo #8
"Average Smoke"
Draw and Consistency are good. Taste for a Maduro is below average. Differs little from Natural leaf.
Rich Hudzinski in Pittsburgh October 6, 2010
Don Mateo #9
"good deal -- on a good smoker"
for the money spent -- nice !! will return for more when they are done
Bob B in Lakeside, Ca April 8, 2010
Don Mateo #10
"Worse cigar i have ever had"
This is the only cigar I have ever, lit up then a quarter of the way or less tossed into the woods. Horrible taste and smell. Worst cigar I ever had.
Joe in Coventry October 17, 2008
Don Mateo #4
"Very good value!"
For the money you just cannot beat this cigar for a regular, casual smoke on a Sunday afternoon!
David in Sierra Nevadas September 14, 2008
Don Mateo #8
"Good Smoke at a good Price"
need to order more
Rich in Upstate New York June 25, 2008
Don Mateo #10
"A winner"
A steal for the money.
barry in westchester April 27, 2008
Don Mateo #3
"Ordinary Cigar."
At this price point I prefere the Bances Crown. The Don Mateo is worth the low bundle price and fits the mold of a good everyday, ordinary smoke. No complaints, but no accolades either. Cheers,
Todd Ostenson in OR August 24, 2007
Don Mateo #7
"Excellent with aging"
I was given 4 of these that were aged 10 years, and were surprisingly quite flavorful, with notes of chocolate and coffee. Very interested in trying some "younger" ones to see how they compare. If not as good now, at least I know that they age very well!
Ed January 21, 2007
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