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Don Mateo Reviews

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Don Mateo #9
This was on sale for $1. Had the naturals before and enjoyed them. This Cigar well exceeded my expectations. Oily shade wrapper that held together very nicely. Did not burn evenly at all times - but not any differently than other Maduros I've had in the past. What was such a surprise with this cigar was the flavor - awesome. Rich, smooth, and never burned when taking a hit. This is the best, bundle cigar I have had so far - and I have smoked a bunch. Well worth a try.
Mike in California August 30, 2003
Don Mateo #8
"A very good smoke, especially for a buck a stick!"
The slightly salty taste was different, but agreeable. The draw was consistant throughout and did not get hot toward the end. The gray ashes fell off rather quickly, indicating that the longer leaves were not used for the filler, but overall a very good smoking experience.
Ed in Brandon, Florida June 29, 2003
Don Mateo #9
"Smoking Deal"
Wow! What a great cigar - you can't believe how good it is for the price. Really nice medium cigar. Flavor was wonderful all the way till the end. I will have plenty of these in my humidor.
Mike in California March 2, 2003
Don Mateo #10
"Not bad for the money"
I wanted to buy a relatively inexpensive bundle of smokes for washing the car, hanging out with buddies, etc., and for the money they're not too bad, but honestly there might be a better bundle out there.
Matt Sorensen in Brighton, Colorado December 11, 2001
Don Mateo #4
"BARGAIN!!!!!-----BARGAIN!!!! ------BARGAIN!!!!!!!"
this is not a fancystogie ,but if you want a good smoke you wont be disapointed! this cigar is well made with good tobacco,it burns well and is a very flavorful this price you can keep a couple bundles on stock ,they just get better with age. "CAUTION " THIS IS A POWERFUL CIGAR
Ron Fuller in DuBois Pa January 19, 2001
Don Mateo #7
"Don Mateo Cigars"
I'm no cigar expert, however I find that the Don Mateo cigar is a good everyday smoke, because of its price and relatively good quality.
chris notaro in long island, NY October 14, 2000
Don Mateo #10
This cigar was a total shock!.Like most'Maduro' lovers,i salivate thinking about my next"Chateau L,Fuente Canone,or Licenciado.What i could not believe was the smooth,"FULL",nutty flavor. Personal opinion,yes.But i say;"Budget or no thought of budget,this is a great Honduran!
LEE HASSELMAN in PA August 10, 2000
Don Mateo #11
"Sometimes Wonderful"
Though not consistant(a problem shared even with many expensive cigars)when this smoke is right it reminds me of what the La Gloria Cubana Charlemagne tasted like when it was made in Miami and WAS one the the best cigars available in the U.S.
Daniel F. Wilson in Northport,N.Y. May 7, 2000
Don Mateo #6
"Well built cigar that tastes cheap."
The draw was too easy and the flavor was unremarkable until it started to get a salty bite.
Troy Ballard in Boise, Id November 29, 1999
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