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Don Pepin Garcia Black Reviews

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Don Pepin Garcia Black Robusto 1979
"Black pepper!"
For me, this cigar is all about black pepper, even burn, with copius amounts of smoke. Its like having a really good steak au poivre - memorable.
ColbyJ in Illinois March 8, 2010
Don Pepin Garcia Black Robusto 1979
"Still reigns as my No# 1 Cigar!"
This was my first cigar into the world of Don Pepin Garcia. And It was and still is a great experience each time I reach for one! This is the one cigar I can not do without! Wonderful robust flavor, just the right amount of pepper, always a great draw and burn. This is a classic that remains tried and true!
MadRobusto in New York February 18, 2010
Don Pepin Garcia Black Toro 1950
"Absolutly the best! My all-time favorite smoke."
Everything you've ever heard about the perfection of Don Pepin Garcia can be found in this cigar. What a find. What a buy. Does it get any better than this? If it does, I don't know if I'll be able to stand it.
Jim in Zachary, LA February 1, 2010
Don Pepin Black Perla 1952
"A Big Little Cigar"
I wanted a small cigar with big cigar character. I bought a box of these some months ago and they are perfect smoke when you don't have the time for a churchill, let alone a robusto. Nice complex flavor, just as the description reads. You won't be sorry...
Mark in Massachusetts December 21, 2009
Don Pepin Garcia Black Robusto 1979
"First DPG Experience - Great cigar"
After hearing all of the hype surrounding DPG, I was ready to be disappointed. This cigar, however, was worth every bit of hype. Well made. Strong, without being harsh. Wonderful flavors. Better than cigars I've paid twice as much for.
ck3 in Sunnyside October 24, 2009
Don Pepin Garcia Black Robusto 1979
"Good full flavor cigar."
Excellent cigar. Good from start to finish. Very well constructed, burns even with easy smooth draw. Nice stable ash and clouds of white smoke. Full flavor, with hints of spice, chocolate, and pepper
Jake in Mississippi October 6, 2009
Don Pepin Garcia Black Robusto 1979
"great cigar"
As with most of pepin's cigars the 1979 is a winner, great price , great cigar.Burns very good, lot's of flavor.
greg in kansas city August 21, 2009
Don Pepin Garcia Black Figurado 1973
"One Fine Stogie..."
Smooth and tasty. Never got bitter. Clip it, don't punch it. Great draw and even burn. LOTS of smoke for close to an hour. And, the shape is muy cool. Too bad, that more houses don't roll this classic shape.
VW Dave in SW Lower Michigan June 6, 2009
Don Pepin Garcia Black Robusto 1979
"Not a good cigar"
Too spicy & doesn't taste good,wrapper unraveled, turned spongy about halfway.
Shamrocks2 in Newport Beach April 9, 2009
Don Pepin Garcia Black Toro 1950
"lots of great flavor that lasts a longggg time."
one of the best cigars around
barry in westchester il February 8, 2009
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