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Don Pepin Garcia Black Reviews

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Don Pepin Black Perla 1952
"You better be sitting down"
Am I in Cuba or what? By far the strongest cigar I have ever smoked. Actually a little too strong for my taste.
Jeff in Chapel Hill, NC January 24, 2009
Don Pepin Garcia Black Figurado 1973
"Wow....big surprise....yee haw"
I love the figurado shape, so I gave this unique cigar a try. Simply outstanding....burn your fingers good. Toasty, complex smoke experience that bulled it's way into my top 5 favorite list immediately. Great burn, draw, flavor, aroma, and it's just a cool looking stick to boot.
Ray in Austin October 14, 2008
Don Pepin Garcia Black Robusto 1979
"One of the best."
This cigar pre-light had little aroma, kind of a spicy taste when i chomped on it, and a pretty flawless wrapper. When clipped i noticed a very loose draw, but still smokeable. Upon lighting it this cigar had a burst of aroma, unlike most cigars this one sprang out of the gates with aroma and taste. On my pallate it was well balanced with a woody aroma with sweet notes after about 2 inches in. It had thick smoke that was creamy and a very long smooth finish. The ash held strong but i dropped it at 1 1/2 inches even though it didnt wanna fall, and it was an extremely light grey with no mess very tight firm ash. The burn was perfect no tunneling or canoeing, i never once had to correct the burn. The nose hits out of this cigar gave me goosebumps and though it was pretty full strength it wasnt a long smoke and didnt leave me couch ridden after smoking. I smoked it to pretty much a nub and it never got bitter. I definitely will be buying more of these magical short smokes.
john in PA September 4, 2008
Don Pepin Garcia Black Toro 1950
"An amazing cigar"
This is by far my favorite cigar. Nice draw, good construction, holds together quite nicely. Simply put one of the best, if not THE best cigar i have ever had.
James in Buffalo May 31, 2008
Don Pepin Garcia Black Toro 1950
Tried this on Saturday. Had received a box about a month ago. Close your eyes and you are in Cuba. One great cigar. Not to be missed.
CHB in NY April 14, 2008
Don Pepin Garcia Black Robusto 1979
"Possibly the best Pepin Garcia cigar"
Admittedly, I am a big fan of Pepin Garcia's cigars. But, in my opinion, the black labels have a better flavor than either the blue labels or the Series JJs. They have that distinctive Pepin flavor, good strength, great draw, and even burn. The robusto (1979) packs a tremendous amount of flavor in a short cigar, and they have become a staple of my humidor.
Phil in Atlanta, Georgia March 7, 2008
Don Pepin Garcia Black Toro 1950
"A Great Cigar"
A friend of mine gave me a couple of these and I put them in my humidor and forgot about them for a few weeks. I smoked them the other day next to the swimming pool with a pitcher of margaritas. What a great cigar, great flavor, great construction, burned nice and even. It was a definite nubber. I ordered a box from Famous and aged one about 10 minutes after it was delivered. It was consistent and smooth though aging will make it better. Everything that the Famous description says is true. This one is a keeper.
SteveM in Bucks County PA August 7, 2007
Don Pepin Garcia Black Toro 1950
"This are at least a 9.5 rating"
This is a great cigar Black label and Blue label, they are a must have in your Humidor...
Emerson Alvarez in FL August 7, 2007
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