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Don Pepin Garcia Black Toro 1950 Reviews [view details]

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"Dry boxing necessary"
After about two weeks of dry boxing, this burnt and tasted like a charm, only ashing twice once midway, and again at the nub and with consistent flavor and no bitterness all the way to the very end. Medium bodied, with cream and soft caramel on the palate and strong, minty cedar on the retro hale.
Stefan in City by the Bay January 2, 2014
"Flaky wrapper"
After having spent about a month in the humidor at around 72% the Habano wrapper is currently flaking during the smoke, and the burn is less than razor sharp. Consistent flavors, but a little too much bitterness on the finish for my liking. Can t justify buying a box, even on sale.
Stefan in City by the Bay December 20, 2013
"This is it"
After trying an Aging Room, a Gurkha, and a carlos Torano tonight, this one finally hit the spot. Outstanding medium-full cigar.
in December 11, 2013
"Go Don Pepin!"
My first Don Pepin and it has surpassed my expectation. Based on other reviews I was afraid it would be over-the-top peppery like the Perdomos, but this stogie turned out to be very balanced. Impeccable construction, perfect burn, and excellent draw though a punch. Cocoa notes in the beginning. followed by wood and leather. Mint on the second third, particularly on the retrohale. Became a bit drying on the palate by the end of the second third, but in a good way. Black pepper on the last third. Went out and then started tasting chemically after it passed the band. Overall, a little stinky, and perhaps a tad green? I wonder what a few months in the humidor will do to these...
Stefan in November 27, 2013
"I Bought 4 Boxes Already"
The DP Black Toro 1950 has probably become one of my favorite smokes. I guess I have been smoking them for 3 years now, probably 2 a month or so. I always find them a treat. Don Pepin and company have done an excellent job on this production. So far they have been consistent, but only time will tell how long they can keep it up. Being consistent with all the things that can go wrong in this business is hard to do. I find the flavor extremely Don Pepinish. With the peppery taste upfront and then the delicious complex flavors afterwards. A hard cigar to beat with a cabernet. The price on these have gone up since I first bought them 3 years ago. Probably has a lot to do with the new government taxation. Another story for sure.
Lite Dave in Southern US January 31, 2011
"not worth a try and overrated"
a soft cigar that lacks draw.it is full of air and has a dry taste.not well constructed at all.does look good but smokes poorly.
andy in palm desert June 5, 2010
"good flavor...badly constructed and rolled"
complex smoke but a very easy draw as it is not packed/rolled or contructed tight enough.burns easily...easily squeezable even and stored, settled, and cured for a while.basically too much air in the tobacco and not enough tobacco.burns easily.if you like to take small shallow puffs, then this is your cigar.it is not for me.don't agree with previous ratings and i am lifetime cigar smoker.
andy in orange county June 4, 2010
"Absolutly the best! My all-time favorite smoke."
Everything you've ever heard about the perfection of Don Pepin Garcia can be found in this cigar. What a find. What a buy. Does it get any better than this? If it does, I don't know if I'll be able to stand it.
Jim in Zachary, LA February 1, 2010
"lots of great flavor that lasts a longggg time."
one of the best cigars around
barry in westchester il February 8, 2009
"An amazing cigar"
This is by far my favorite cigar. Nice draw, good construction, holds together quite nicely. Simply put one of the best, if not THE best cigar i have ever had.
James in Buffalo May 31, 2008
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