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Don Pepin Garcia Blue Reviews

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Don Pepin Garcia Exquisitos
"Must Try Even If You Like Larger Ring Cigars"
I've smoked many great cigars, and this cigar is great! It has recently jumped way up my list of favorites, in the top ten at least. This is the perfect size for this blend. If you like Don Pepin Blue, and you should, you'll love it in this size.
Chris M. in Bolingbrook, IL February 8, 2015
Don Pepin Garcia Imperiales
"The King of Consistency"
I love the torpedo vitola but hate the construction issues many seem to have. This stick delivers typical Pepin flavours of coffee, white pepper and leathery tobacco with a perfect draw and burn, and has done so 48 times out of 48 from the two boxes I ve smoked. This is the cigar I hand out to people I can t afford to disappoint.
MacBryan in Malaysia March 27, 2014
Don Pepin Garcia Invictos
"My cigar benchmark!"
This is the cigar I judge all others against. It's priced well, constructed well, draws well, and tastes like leather and spice and everything nice. It's is the cigar that keeps me out on the porch even when the dogs tell me it's time to go in
Dan in Scituate, ma March 5, 2013
Don Pepin Garcia Delicias
"Size Does Matter"
Read my review on the toro size. Sadly, this size was too tightly bunched and the draw was restricted, making the flavor lessen, the spice lessen, and caused the cigar to sour before it should have.
bnwink in Bismarck ND February 16, 2012
Don Pepin Garcia Generosos
"Buy this Cigar"
If not my favorite cigar, then my second favorite. Firm construction but never affecting the draw. Spice up front and great flavor all they way to the nub. I will smoke these forever.
bnwink in Bismarck ND February 16, 2012
Don Pepin Garcia Imperiales
Strong, flavorful, well made. Very good cigar. Almost as good as the toro size.
Bnwink in Bismarck ND February 15, 2012
Don Pepin Garcia Invictos
"Stands up to any cigar from any country"
First, let me say I've been herfin' the better part of 15 years. Not really big on reviews, but just want to say I've finally found a non-cuban that does it for me after midday. In the morning, I'll still turn to AF Hemmingway, but now I can go to the humi at night and not have to pick a Havana! Thank you for leaving the island, Mr. Garcia!
Dav0 in New Jersey January 21, 2011
Don Pepin Garcia Imperiales
Ant Don Pepin Garcia Blue is by far my favorite cigar. I've had $120.00 cigars that just can't hold a torch to these cigars. I'm lucky to have found them I don't have one bad thing to say about them. Thank you Don Pepin keep up the good work!
Robert Lavers in Medford Ma. December 4, 2010
Don Pepin Garcia Delicias
"One of my all-time favorites."
This is, without question, one of my favorite cigars of all time. I have burned through a couple boxes of these, and I have never been disappointed. Great construction, full, attention-grabbing flavor, and just enough spice. An absolutely fantastic cigar.
Regis in Atlanta, Georgia June 11, 2010
Don Pepin Garcia Delicias
"Smacked in the face"
Started out peppery and gradually evolved into creamy coffee goodness, and best of all it didn't finish harsh. Had a very slight burn issue that the torch took care of in short order. Medium to full smoke for the veteran herfer. If you're not. "watch out".
DHarris in Alexandria, VA October 7, 2009
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