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Don Pepin Series JJ Reviews

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Don Pepin Series JJ Sublimes
"A Work of Art That You Can Smoke!!!"
This cigar is a masterpiece. I absolutely loved how smooth it was from beginning to end. It seemed like it wanted to be stronger but it was blended to be smooth and creamy. Flavor, burn and construction were all superb. I would definitely recommend this cigar to anyone who is a fan of Don Pepin Garcia's work. DPG is definitely a master. The products that he creates are works of art that you can smoke.
DW Maull in Springfield, PA February 20, 2010
Don Pepin Series JJ Selectos
After 20 years of smoking cigars, I have finally found a perfect cigar. The construction was perfectly smooth. The burn consistent right down to the end. A two ash cigar with an incredible white color. The draw was easy but not too airy. Upon initial light there was a great spice taste with just a hint of pepper. After that it was creamy smooth. Like smoking a cafe latte. The last third pleasantly surprised me with a hint of chocolate and at the very end a mild leather taste. I will be bidding on these. Somehow I do not think they will be that available at the auction site.
ang51 in Windemere, FL November 15, 2009
Don Pepin Series JJ Selectos
This cigar for the money cannot be beat.
Kyle M. in Texas April 25, 2009
Don Pepin Series JJ Sublimes
"Is this what a Cuban should taste like?"
Excellent, simply excellent. The DPG Series JJ is a beauty of a smoke. Medium to full in body and oh so smooth, this is my go-to cigar. I have yet to smoke a Cuban cigar, but the experience of smoking the rich and smooth DPG JJ compares to what I've heard about those illegal treats.
JH in Chicago April 17, 2009
Don Pepin Series JJ Belicoso
"Not my favorite"
I think the Blue is better, as well as the other Pepin brands like Tatuaje, LaAromaDeCuba, and San Chrystobal. Not a horrible cigar, but I enjoy the others better. Burn and construction were fine, my review is on a taste preference.
Jim in East Windsor, October 14, 2008
La Floridita Fuerte
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