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Don Tomas Clasico Reviews

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Don Tomas Clasico Robusto
"Decent stick"
Construction was flawless: razors sharp burn, effortless draw producing tons of smoke. First half had some nice woody notes with a bit of sweetness...nice. Second half not so much. The woody notes were overpowered by a parched tobacco with a hint of ammonia. Required a beverage to make it to the end. I guess for the price it s a decent stick but nothing special.
Jerome in Montreal February 19, 2014
Don Tomas Clasico Robusto
"Pretty Good"
Ran out of my own cigars, purchased one in a cigar store and was surprised the taste was mild good for a morning cigar.
Fernando in Austin Texas September 13, 2013
Don Tomas Clasico Robusto
"Not Bad"
Not a bad smoke. Medium smoke with hints of earth and a little nutty. Worth a try.
Anthony in California September 9, 2013
Don Tomas Clasico Robusto
"Not worth the money"
Bought this as a medium priced cigar from a cigar humidor. I ve enjoyed supermarket cigars Garcia y Vega more than this. Not a good taste, terrible lopsided burn but in fairness there was some wind .
Mad Marv in North Carolina May 15, 2013
Don Tomas Clasico Robusto
"It's ok, not a 90+ rating though"
This is an OK cigar, not 90+ as the reviews indicate. I think this cigar is around 85 points. The taste is a bit harsh, and no matter what third you're on, the taste is always the same. OK cigar for beginners, not a cigar that I'd smoke on a regular basis.
Pete in Omaha May 2, 2013
Don Tomas Clasico Robusto
"Great cigar!"
I ordered Don Tomas Classico, but got the Maduro instead. Couldn't be happier with the mistake. Tried one right out of the box and Wow!! I've been a Don Tomas Classico fan for awhile, but I've got a new favorite. The Maduro wrapper adds a sweetness to the peppery spice. I love it! Thanks!
Bigpapi in Oklahoma March 22, 2013
Don Tomas Clasico Robusto
"way beyond what expected"
Lighting the cigar was very fast, burn was very even, well made, good taste all the way, easy draw.
Frank in Rhode Island March 16, 2013
Don Tomas Clasico Robusto
"Smoke is not Bad"
Will Purchase again NICE smoke Taste not Bad Price Exellent will buy again
Wilfredo in NYC March 13, 2013
Don Tomas Clasico Robusto
"The Best Cigar I ever Smoked"
Absolutely the best tasting Cirgar I have ever Smoked No Doubt
Wilfredo in New York September 9, 2012
Don Tomas Clasico Robusto
"Great cigar for the money"
This is a great smoke, a good medium strength cigar. Does not fall apart, has an even burn and good draw. Consistent though the whole box.
Blair in Minnesota July 6, 2012
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