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Don Tomas Clasico Reviews

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Don Tomas Clasico Robusto
From start to finish this was one great cigar. Nice flavor the whole way through, great consistency. I have ordered a box and will see how that goes. If it goes like this me and Mr. Don Tomas will be great friends.
Steve in Spruce Grove January 9, 2011
Don Tomas Clasico Rothschild
"Absolute experience"
I am a novice and I'm tasting several brands and cigar taste. I tried one Don Tomas Maduro Rothschild and found it simply perfect for my taste. It burns slow and uniform. The taste is rounded, smooth but full of flavors. It is absolutely one of my favorite with the Italian handmade Arabesque.
Camillo Cannizzaro in Cremona, Italy December 30, 2010
Don Tomas Clasico Rothschild
"Not too bad!"
Good burn,nice ash. Was expecting more from such a highly rated cigar. Flavor was just missing the mark,overall just a tad bland. Maybe some time in the humidor will help, if it does I will write more.
Edward in Michigan November 24, 2010
Don Tomas Clasico Robusto
"Fantastic First"
I had my first cigar two weeks ago, and it was the Don Tomas Clasico Robusto. since then, i have had the CAO La Traviata, and the Pinar Del Rio Oscuro Robusto. In hindsight, the Don Tomas had the smoothest and tastiest flavour and draw, excellent consistency, an excellent burn, and superior construction. absolutly a cigar i will come back to.
T.e.Cs in Toledo, Ohio October 8, 2010
Don Tomas Clasico Robusto
"Have to agree; excellent every day cigar"
For the price, I have yet to find a cigar that is as consistant as these in terms of construction, burn and taste. There may be better and more full-bodied maduros out there, but I would never be ashamed to give one of these to guest.
JD in Saint Paul September 16, 2010
Don Tomas Clasico Robusto
"Great smoke for price!"
This is my everyday cigar. Great smoke and good value. Consistent quality and a good burn. Girlfriend acceptance factor is high, as she loves the aroma these give!
Bill N in Illinois September 10, 2010
Don Tomas Clasico Robusto
This Maduro was quite a surprise upon my first order. The outer wrapper is truly oily and rich and the smoke is first class for such an economical buy. If you're looking for that lunchtime repose, or an after work rehash with a glass of a blended scotch, this cigar is right on target. I found it to smoke evenly and deliver a reliable taste throughout the body of the cigar. You know it's good when you'll risk burning those fingers! I will continue to purchase these box by box due to its reliability and economic value for an every day smoke.
Skeep in Germany September 5, 2010
Don Tomas Clasico Rothschild
"Excellent, consistent smoke at a great price"
I've smoked about a dozen of the Rothschild maduro Don Tomas clasico cigars and was amazed at the consistency and great quality of each cigar for the price. The solid white ash is reminds me of the best Cubans I've enjoyed. Maybe not the most robust taste, but far from bland in a more moderate range of flavor. An excellent 45-60 minutes stogie that I will always keep in my humidor.
Robert in Ann Arbor September 3, 2009
Don Tomas Clasico Robusto
"Great bargain..........."
very good smoke for the price......one or two had some draw issues, but over-all, not bad...will order again.
FT in Florida July 26, 2009
Don Tomas Clasico Coronitas (10)
"A Good Little Quicky"
A nice little smoke for the price. I had been doing Ashton Senoritas, but find these to be a bit milder and more to my taste. I'll stay with these for a while.
W Mitchell in MD July 9, 2009
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