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Don Tomas Clasico Robusto Reviews [view details]

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From start to finish this was one great cigar. Nice flavor the whole way through, great consistency. I have ordered a box and will see how that goes. If it goes like this me and Mr. Don Tomas will be great friends.
Steve in Spruce Grove January 9, 2011
"Fantastic First"
I had my first cigar two weeks ago, and it was the Don Tomas Clasico Robusto. since then, i have had the CAO La Traviata, and the Pinar Del Rio Oscuro Robusto. In hindsight, the Don Tomas had the smoothest and tastiest flavour and draw, excellent consistency, an excellent burn, and superior construction. absolutly a cigar i will come back to.
T.e.Cs in Toledo, Ohio October 8, 2010
"Blind Test"
So one night, a couple buddies and I decided to taste a couple of our cigars without the original bands and numbered bands instead. Non of the numbers were the same for each smoker so we couldnt smoke the same cigar at the same time- we did this independently I should mention- Don Tomas was one of our smokes that consistently among all of us was rated among the top 2 out of 6 premium handmade cigars. Excellent smoke, consistent, light start strong finish, and very aromatic even to the nonsmoker. And well priced.
Rob in Iowa May 28, 2009
"Very good cigar for the price"
Im a newbie in the cigar world, about a year now. Have been in search for the best everyday cigar since day one and I may have found it in the Don Tomas Classico. The Flor De Oliva Gold Is a close second for me.
Jeff in South Korea November 27, 2008
"Yeah, don't but them!"
I'm with Bill of MD. Hate on these BIG time so there are plenty for us. Got one of these in a sampler and bought a box straight away. Mine have been consistent in performance and flavor; staple smoke quality. I like the DT Cameroon line as well and I?m trying the maduros next, so don't buy any of those either!
Top_Jimmy in Conway August 26, 2008
"not what I expected!"
spend the extra money and buy better cigars
Larry in Laredo June 16, 2008
"Would not purchase"
The taste of this cigar was awful. Looking at the appearance, how it smelled, even burn, I thought this whould be a nice cigar. But after a couple of draws, the flavor was awful. It was so bad, I had to throw it away after a few minutes. The problem was I didn't get rid of it soon enough, the taste stayed in my mouth to the next day.
Tom in Savannah March 29, 2008
"Good flavor, but rolled tight"
After seeing some good ratings, I purchased a few of these cigars while on a trip. I thought they were great, with a pretty complex flavor for an inexpensive medium cigar. I bought about twenty of them in two different sizes, but they are so tight that it's a struggle to smoke them. I've aged them and experimented with different humidity levels, but can't get them any looser. I'm hoping I got two bad batches in a row, though it seems unlikely. Still, I plan to buy a five pack and give them one more try, especially since my wife likes the aroma.
JB Barnes in Anchorage, Alaska February 29, 2008
"great smoke"
When I read some bad reviews of a good cigar, I feel compelled to make my own review to set the record straight. When you have a great smoke, like the Don Tomas clasico,(highly rated by the experts), and it gets a bad review from some of our inexperienced,(or in some cases "experienced but ignorant" smokers), the bad reviews are ussually due to a poorly calibrated hygrometer, poorly kept humidors, or as we all know a poorly timed smoke,(empty stomach, wrong drink paired, etc). this cigar is one of the best value cigars out there, very complex for a medium bodied cigar. Keep these in your well-kept humidor for a couple of weeks after buying and enjoy!
jon in georgia August 14, 2007
"Don Tomas Classico"
Not much oil on the wrapper but otherwise a good looking cigar that has plenty of cedar flavor,a good burn and a very good finish.They improve even further with about three to four weeks in a well kept humidor.This cigar has certainly became one of my favorites.
Charles Autrey in AL March 26, 2007
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