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Don Tomas Clasico Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Very Pleased"
I smoked Arthuro Fuente 858 maduros for years- when I began smoking cigars again after a long vacation, I noticed that my favorite smokes had reached nearly $100 per box- so I ordered these...I am very pleased. Nice taste- not to mild, not too harsh- nice draw nice wrap....Great cigar and the price is excellent.
RW Cole in San Marcos, California February 3, 2009
"Great smoke for the price!"
I picked up about 5 of these at the Las Vegas Big Smoke. I was very impressed. Can't wait until I smoke up the other 50+ cigars from the show, so I can order these.
Moose in Virginia December 2, 2008
"Not bad for the price"
When compared to others in this price range, I find that these make a great option for an everyday smoke. They are clearly not a high-end product. However, they are fine for those times when you don't want an expensive stick or want to share with friends.
Mitchel in Lebanon, TN November 11, 2008
"Great Smooth Smoke"
When I got these, I let them sit in my humidor for two months and had one. Wow, what a good smooth cigar. One of the best cigars I have tasted for the price. This will be my every day smoke. I lit one up when I first got them, inconsistent burn, strong at beginning ( most cigars are like this though). I let it sit for two months in the humidor and what a difference. Just had to let the humidity and temperature go through the cigar I guess
Carl in Winnipeg, Mb November 6, 2008
"Give and Take"
The first one i had was amazing. The second one however was rolled way too tight that it was hard to get a good draw from it. Would recommend to anyone who likes maduro cigars.
Andrew in Indiana September 23, 2008
"Best "Bargain" Cigar!"
Priced than less than two bucks a stick, this is one underestimated smoke! I've had many of these and they seem to be very consistent, and by far are my favorite "bargain" smoke. A solid 8.5-9 out of 10 on the taste. They are also constructed well, and ash very nicely. I've only had a couple of these that have had burning problems.
JNC in Ft. Wayne September 15, 2008
"A Steal at these prices"
Have had the pleasure of enjoying several of these sticks from various sources, and have enjoyed every single one. At considerably less than $2 each, these provide about the best 'bang for the buck' of any cigar I've tried. Haven't had a dud yet, and continue to look forward to torching one up whenever I can. They don't get boring, and always come through to live up to the anticipation. Muy Bueno!
Rick in Missouri April 13, 2008
"a satisfying smoke"
I smoked a box of theses and found them to be consistent and a medium strength smoke. I'm about to order another box - thumbs up!
Jerome Engelberts in California June 22, 2007
The Good: Consistent burn and it looks good. The Bad: Tastes like ash. Really... no good flavor begining to end.
Kaptain Kyle in Seattle November 26, 2006
"These cigars are awsome"
I am a big fan of maduro cigars, and wen I saw the Don Tomas Clasico in maduro I had to have a box. They lived up to there billing and them some. A very good cigar at a resonable price.
Randy Pangborn in Michigan May 9, 2006
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Poor - Excellent

10 Construction (92) 100
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