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Don Tomas SE Corojo Reviews

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Don Tomas Special Edition Corojo 660
"Large but less"
I absolutely crave these Don Tomas Corojo's and have smoked almost all of the sizes. These 6 x 60's seem to loose something with the size. The best are the 5 x 54, next the #2 and both are packed with hearty flavor with a meaty finish. A must have for the "full body, gotta have it" stogie man.
Tabac Mack in Omak December 17, 2007
Don Tomas Special Edition Corojo 660
This is one bad boy. The flavor is near perfect, the construction is solid, and the entire smoke was consistent. There is nothing wrong with this monster smoke. It burned evenly, ashed well and had an excellent finish. This is a must try for the smoker of any experience.
R. Harris in Washington November 15, 2006
Evolution by Rocky Patel