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Don Tomas Special Edition Connecticut Reviews

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Don Tomas Special Edition #800
I had my hand on the first stick after storing opened in my humidor, I must say this was one of the best smokes which takes my mind away from Cubans
Ravindran in Malaysia March 1, 2014
Don Tomas Special Edition Connecticut #300
"Too bad! Too Wrong! Too garbage!"
Chemical taste! All about that cigar is bad! get this cigar with a Sampler, will definitely not buy again! Yuck!!
Raz in Israel September 22, 2013
Don Tomas Special Edition Connecticut #300
""Not So" Special Edition"
Glad it was part of a sampler...I did give it a fair chance...
Robert in Oklahoma September 10, 2013
Don Tomas Special Edition Connecticut #300
"Low End Garbage"
One of the worst I have ever tried. Glad it was part of a sampler pack because I would not have been able to stomach more than two. I could not even be bothered to finish the second. It was completely tasteless junk. Could have done better by rolling up some oak tree leaves with a dried up maple leaf wrapper.
Don in Long Island NY August 9, 2013
Don Tomas Special Edition Connecticut #600
I was never a fan of mild smoke `till I met Don Tomas. It was a creamy smooth smoke. Nice all the way to the nub.
Alberto Carlos in Chicago, IL July 30, 2013
Don Tomas Special Edition Connecticut #300
Now, granted, I have only smoked one of these cigars,so maybe I need to have one or more to make a true review, but here goes: Avoid this cigar. It is very bland, has nearly zero flavor, and tastes like you are smoking a rolled up paper towel. This was part of a sampler pack that I bought and I'm glad I didn't get a box or more, I couldn't smoke that many more. Everything else about it is fine, but the taste is just awful. Sorry for the bad review Don Tomas!!
Dan in Atlanta, GA July 16, 2013
Don Tomas Special Edition Connecticut #300
"Not enjoyable"
Received two of these cigars as part of a sampler, waited on review until both had been finished. The taste of the cigar was acceptable, not excellent, however the burn and draw were very poor. Not something I would consider purchasing.
Ken S in Philippines July 9, 2013
Don Tomas Special Edition Connecticut #300
Started off really spicy (not a personal preference but some like it) then mellowed out the rest of the way. Wasn't bad.
Josh in AL May 7, 2013
Don Tomas Special Edition Connecticut #200
This is one of, if not the worst smokes I have ever had. I barely got past the first third and then threw it out. When people say that conn wrapped cigars can taste like chemicals, this is the cigar that they have to be talking about. I barely tasted the tobacco, that's how strong the chemical taste is-almost metallic. Forget about tasting nuts, cedar, hay, or anything else-if you just taste tobacco, you should be ecstatic. My normal smokes are davidoff classic 2, ashton 898, diamond crown #6, or cabaiguan corona xtra. I don't expect anything at this price range to taste anything like those cigars, but this was beyond horrible. For a good, cheap conn, try the private stock cigars made by davidoff.
K in NYC March 31, 2013
Don Tomas Special Edition Connecticut #300
"Very impressed"
Still a cigar novice here. Seemed to have a medium body, but nearly half way through it seemed to mellow out and turn into more of a very mild bodied cigar. It was great down to the nub! Smooth draw, great flavor and construction, even burn, lots of smoke. Paired well with a Deschutes 'Chainbreaker' White IPA. Will most likely get this cigar again!
Mike in Washington State February 17, 2013
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