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Don Tomas Special Edition Connecticut Reviews

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Don Tomas Special Edition Connecticut #200
This is one of, if not the worst smokes I have ever had. I barely got past the first third and then threw it out. When people say that conn wrapped cigars can taste like chemicals, this is the cigar that they have to be talking about. I barely tasted the tobacco, that's how strong the chemical taste is-almost metallic. Forget about tasting nuts, cedar, hay, or anything else-if you just taste tobacco, you should be ecstatic. My normal smokes are davidoff classic 2, ashton 898, diamond crown #6, or cabaiguan corona xtra. I don't expect anything at this price range to taste anything like those cigars, but this was beyond horrible. For a good, cheap conn, try the private stock cigars made by davidoff.
K in NYC March 31, 2013
Don Tomas Special Edition Connecticut #300
"Very impressed"
Still a cigar novice here. Seemed to have a medium body, but nearly half way through it seemed to mellow out and turn into more of a very mild bodied cigar. It was great down to the nub! Smooth draw, great flavor and construction, even burn, lots of smoke. Paired well with a Deschutes 'Chainbreaker' White IPA. Will most likely get this cigar again!
Mike in Washington State February 17, 2013
Don Tomas Special Edition Connecticut #100
Like everyone I'm constantly searching for an everyday cigar.Had high hopes for this one but it disappointed on all fronts. Inconsistent draw, poor construction.blah flavor
Regis in Amityville, NY November 25, 2012
Don Tomas Special Edition Connecticut #600
"pretty good litey"
hay early sunday afternoon and waiting for my famous order to come in on monday i ran over to the dollar store to pick up a smoke for the day,and bought this one , i dont know why because i am a 95% maduro smoker, but what the heck, and the price was right....not bad, thought it might be a dry , tasteless cigar i was wrong, pretty good flavor, nice aroma, good burn and draw, good all the way through. the best lite cigar i've smoked, if i get a sale i'll pick up a 5 pack........pretty good
russell in brigantine,nj June 4, 2012
Don Tomas Special Edition Connecticut #600
"Great cigar"
If you enjoy high-mild Connecticut wrapped cigars you should definitely give this Don Tomas Special Edition line a try. Burned through my 6x52 five pack in 4 days. Smooth, creamy flavor, that is as good as any of the Perdomo or Rocky Patel Connecticut cigars I have smoked. I would take one of these over an Ashton any day of the week. Will be looking for a box or two next time.
Rich H in Coraopolis, Pa February 19, 2012
Don Tomas Special Edition #700
"very good cigar"
great smoke..
Rich H in Coraopolis, Pa February 19, 2012 December 30, 2011
Don Tomas Special Edition Connecticut #400
"Fill in the gaps"
This cigar is just your regular ordinary smoke to fill in the voids between the good ones.
Al T. in Long Beach November 21, 2011
Don Tomas Special Edition Connecticut #600
"Serious Tunneling Issues"
Have enjoyed these cigars for years, but have always experienced "tunneling" in 2-3 per box. In most recent box I've had 12 cigars "tunnel" out of 22 lit. Highly unlikely that I'll order this cigar again.
Paul in RI July 29, 2011
Don Tomas Special Edition Connecticut #500
I bought a box on auction and let me tell you, they are fantastic! I don't understand all the negative reviews. I've been an avid cigar smoker for four years. The burn, draw and construction are near perfect. The taste Is also great for a mild cigar. There is no hath aftertaste. I will definitely buy more to keep in my humidor.
CJAZ in Oklahoma April 26, 2011
Don Tomas Special Edition Connecticut #400
"Morning Cigar"
Good morning cigar - a few out of the box had hard spots and would not draw. Very mild, not a bad cigar by any means and not great either.
Rich in Minneapolis January 3, 2011
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