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Don Tomas Special Edition Connecticut #100 Reviews [view details]

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Like everyone I'm constantly searching for an everyday cigar.Had high hopes for this one but it disappointed on all fronts. Inconsistent draw, poor construction.blah flavor
Regis in Amityville, NY November 25, 2012
For years my Vegas cigar has been a Montecristo Churchill. By cost I would have expected it to be a much better cigar. Not so. I would muy this over a Montecristo any day of the week. I like the hell out of this puppy.
Tommy Volinchak in Memphis, TN October 14, 2010
"Great flavor and easy to draw"
This is the best cigar for the money that I can find. The flavor of this cigar is smoothe and my wife likes the aroma. I keep coming back to this great cigar.
Tony in San Antonio, TX September 24, 2010
"Average at best"
I've had some Don Tomas Cigars that were quite acceptable. This batch has a hard draw, very little taste, burns hot and is not worth the effort.
Waconda in San Diego August 16, 2008
"Great Value"
This is a nice airy and light smoke with a good burn and no aftertaste. Should most certainly be considered as an addition to any humidor for an everyday smoke. Nice flavor, good strong ash formation... a quality smoke!
Shawn in Orange County, CA January 9, 2005
"Holy Special Edition Don Tomas, Batman"
The Don Tomas SE is like a Holiday in itself. The smoke pours off the end like smoke out of a chimney on Christmas Day only to be matched by the mouth watering aroma--much like the perfect thanksgiving turkey makes a room of people drool, this cigar will make even the most seasoned smoker's mouth and throat put up welcome signs for cancer. Its well constructed and does not go out like its Dominican Selection counterpart. The Dominican used to be my favorite until this cigar came along. This is an especially nice cigar for smokers when they become tired of darker maduro blends and want a lighter wrapper. I'd give it two thumbs up, but my hands are full smoking one right now.
Rob Volmer in Pittsburgh, PA August 8, 2003
"I guess size does matter....."
We all know different sizes of cigars can be different taste. I have been smoking the 100's since they came out and am very happy Famous still is able to provide them. The 7x50's are very good, can't speak for the others though. Liked the regular DT line and these are just as good.Don't buy them, so they are there for me!
Tim in Michigan March 19, 2002
"The only way to celibrate the birth of my Daugher"
Your service and selection has never disappointed me. I have been and always will be a loyal customer of Famous Smoke Shop. Ordering a box of Don Thomas SE 7X50 on-line to celebrate the birth of our baby girl was easy. I must also say that your promise of delivery is much more reliable than the delivery date predicted by doctors. I rate Don Thomas SE 7X50 a solid 9. The guys I passed them out to were equally happy to smoke them. You guys are the best! Shawn McDonald
Shawn McDonald in Kendrick, Idaho July 19, 2001
"Great Afternoon Smole!"
This is a fantastic smoke. The construction of this cigar is excellent and it delivers consistant, mild to medium bodied flavors of spice and coffee. Perfect for those early afternoons when a heavier smoke is too much. I am on my third box and haven't had a bad one.
Dr. John Myers in Glen Ellyn, IL May 22, 2001
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10 Appearance (86) 100
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10 Taste (83) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Construction (82) 100
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