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Don Tomas Special Edition Connecticut #200 Reviews [view details]

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This is one of, if not the worst smokes I have ever had. I barely got past the first third and then threw it out. When people say that conn wrapped cigars can taste like chemicals, this is the cigar that they have to be talking about. I barely tasted the tobacco, that's how strong the chemical taste is-almost metallic. Forget about tasting nuts, cedar, hay, or anything else-if you just taste tobacco, you should be ecstatic. My normal smokes are davidoff classic 2, ashton 898, diamond crown #6, or cabaiguan corona xtra. I don't expect anything at this price range to taste anything like those cigars, but this was beyond horrible. For a good, cheap conn, try the private stock cigars made by davidoff.
K in NYC March 31, 2013
"Beyond the Mild One Trick Pony"
Got some of these in a sampler and it was a pleasant surprise. First of all, the cigar, wrapped in premium USA Connecticut leaf, is flawless and solid. On the medium side, but definitely a mild smoke that delivers a complexity not at all expected in a $3-and-change cigar. Some folks here compare this cigar to Occidental; personally I find the Occidental milder than the DT SE and the Occ's also got a much less complex flavor profile. Some folks here complained about the construction and draw; I'm on my third stick w/o any issues. I think most of the people who posted here with issues on the taste have a certain bias against milder smokes; one thing this cigar is not is full flavored.
ROTHNH in Midcoast Maine October 9, 2008
"Incredible Smokes!"
I just received my Don Thomas S.E's,and WOW! what a great smoke.If you like a mild to med.cigar this is the one.Draw,burn & taste are excellent.I will definitly buy some more of these again!
Guy Watkins in NH September 28, 2006
"Wonderfull taste and aroma"
I am a novice cigar smoker in that I have just recently started to smoke them ore than just once in a while. I ordered a sample pack to see if this wa something I wanted to do. I was greatly surprized I found them to be a well ballanced and flavorfull cigar that I have no trouble smoking regularly. I am placing an order for a couple of boxes in the morning.
Ronald Flournoy in Reno, NV March 17, 2005
"Outstanding Smoke for the Price"
I've smoked half a dozen boxes of these and the quality is consistently good. Good construction, lights effortlessly, draws easily, nice tight ash, good (mild) flavor that is consistent all the way to the end. A great everyday smoke for the price.
Roger in Memphis June 13, 2004
"Sorry guys, this is a great cigar."
Can't believe the negative reviews. This cigar (SE 200) smokes evenly with creamy smooth draw and holds a firm, square ash. No bitterness as the cigar is consumed (I smoke 'em till they burn my fingers). The cigar is not as spicy as they used to be (several years ago), but this is a terrific smoke at a great price. Send me your rejects!
Fred in Kansas November 1, 2002
"First box great, 2nd box very different"
I was so impressed with the first box, I ordered another, and was disappointed to find that they barely resembled the first. The taste was really different, like in a totally different wrapper, not terrible, but not for me.
C. Knago in Brighton, CO September 23, 2001
"A very nice medium bodied cigar"
This is the best of the Don Thomas SE. This cigar has a nice medium flavor with an excellent burn. I would buy again. I would rate a 89.
Guy Penegar in Cheraw, SC June 27, 2000
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