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Don Tomas Special Edition Connecticut #300 Reviews [view details]

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"One of the finest cigars I"ve smoked!"
Well constructed and aged cigar. Great aroma and burn factor,all around outstanding!!.
Mark ( The Cigar) in Orangeville, Ontario, Canada May 5, 2009
"One word......SUPER!!!!"
Impressive appearance, extremely even burn, smooth draw and wonderful aroma. Superior to many more expensive cigars. My favorite so far!
Clell in Akron, Ohio April 9, 2009
"super smoke"
nice aroma,even burn,nice nutty flavor. what's not to like. they even get better with time!!!
mike in park hills mo March 10, 2009
"Great smoke anytime"
never harsh, smokes evenly and is one I always come back to
V Nelsen in Omaha August 14, 2008
"Good smoke, good price."
Just came in from smoking a Don Tomas SE CT #300 and had to write a review. Normally a maduro smoker, this cigar was very good and has got me second guessing. I will definately purchase this cigar again especially at FSS's prices!
Rev. J. Sherwood in Seymour, CT. February 22, 2008
"Great taste at very affordable price"
I have tried alot of different cigars over the years and have not found many better than these. They are a great smoke with very smooth flavor. Highly recommend.
Bill in Connecticut May 7, 2007
"Great smoke all around"
I tried this cigar out of a sampler I had ordered along with a friend, which also included 2 Red Dot Cohibas; I was advised it was the best of the bunch & I was not dissapointed; The flavor is excellent; A nice nutty character, with a mild, sweet smoke that was also nutty & woody, like sweet almonds. The pre-lit taste is almost as good as the taste after it is lit...I am definitely getting more of these!!!
Emperor V in Houston, Tx January 29, 2007
"Not so tasty!"
I really like the Don Tomas Camroon Selection, so I thought I would try a different Don Tomas, but I was let down by this smoke. It lacked any real flavor, the aroma was not very pleasing and just not something to satisfy. It did have good burn qualities but that was about it.
David H. in Columbus, Ga February 27, 2006
"creamy, earthy,perfect burn!"
This cigar was wonderful. I ususally go for a more fuller bodied smoke, but this cigar was full of creamy, nutty, woody, flavor. It also burned better than most all of the 15 or so different brands i have tried. I got 4 of these in an auction only to get the xikar cutter at $23.00, cigars are a keeper and also great for newbies
Frank in Lancaster, Ohio February 11, 2006
"Pleasantly surprised"
Pleasantly surprised, beautiful construction, nice draw, even burn and consistent, taste is exactly as described nutty and woody. This is a good mid priced cigar, I would buy again, Great daily smoke.
Chris in NYC February 10, 2006
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