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Don Tomas Special Edition Connecticut #500 Reviews [view details]

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I bought a box on auction and let me tell you, they are fantastic! I don't understand all the negative reviews. I've been an avid cigar smoker for four years. The burn, draw and construction are near perfect. The taste Is also great for a mild cigar. There is no hath aftertaste. I will definitely buy more to keep in my humidor.
CJAZ in Oklahoma April 26, 2011
"Once Is Enough For Me..."
These 500s offer a very good draw - and that's about it. Taste and aroma are both lacking and bland.
Fiend4Mojitos in South Shore MA October 24, 2009
I remember about 10 yrs ago this was one of my first cigars I bought. I saw a bunch of these and figuared... well they have so many might be good. Awwww nope... I thought I was smoking an ash tray.My clothes, hair and hands smelt like dirty ashes. To top it off it give me a slit head ache. Man... I was going to give up on trying cigars after I smoked this one. The guy told me it was a good one for the pirce. At the time it was about $4 bucks which was pretty good, but as I went back he went up in price. I looked away cause it was the worst cigar I had ever smoke in my life and I have been trying all kinds. I would take this one off the market for good, stop making these please.
Ron in Cali February 9, 2009
"Big Cigarette"
The only thing I can say positive about this cigar is - if you like RP Americans then buy the Don Tomas - you'll save a bundle.
Mark in Earth October 24, 2008
"Quick but Good"
The Cigar is made perfectly. I rarely come across a bad one. It is a fast Smoke but the quality is good. Just dont smoke them too far down.
Paul G in Colorado February 6, 2007
very good cigars. the taste is smooth and mild. i will buy theis cigar again. for the price i paid, bravo! i'm from Israel and i buy cigars from all over the world. famous smoke shop is simply the best cigar shop in the world.
YOSI in ISRAEL March 9, 2005
"Good taste draw a little too easy."
Good taste, draw too easy
Steve Jacobs in Long Island NY April 3, 2003
I read a review before I bought this product that said "the cigars had gotten really bad" or something to that effect. The only thing I disagree with is that they are not bad but infact, horrible. Stay from these cigars they have lost their taste and "the bloom is off the rose". Personally I am throwing the rest of them in the trash!!!
Nelson in Boston September 20, 2002
Was expecting a much better smoke. Flavor and aroma very nasty. Don't like the bite and after taste this smoke leaves. Wish I had read the last couple of comments. Should have stuck with La Gloria Cubana.
Patrick in San Diego January 1, 2002
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